NEWS: Stygian Crown sacrifice “Bushido”!

Generating their spark by crossing the swords of Epic Doom and Death Metal, Los Angeles Californian’s Stygian Crown are preparing for the release of new album “Funeral for a King” with a lyric video for second single “Bushido“. Taking their inspiration from Candlemass, Bolt Thrower and Iron Maiden, the five piece are said to continue with this one where their 2020 debut left off with several cuts being reworked or re-written resulting in tracking taking place in five different studios from Los Angeles to Melbourne. To give fans an idea, the band have admitted that “The Bargain” was finally committed to tape after its third revision, while “Blood Red Eyes” was originally a full band composition but ultimately scaled back to include vocals, piano and violin. The album drops on 23rd February 2024 via Cruz Del Sur Music with pre-orders including vinyl available here.

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