NEWS: Inhuman Condition announce sophomore album “Fearsick”!

Florida death metal juggernauts Inhuman Condition have revealed plans to release their eagerly awaited sophomore album, “Fearsick” on 15th July via Listenable Insanity Records. The veteran all-star trio, that feature  vocalist drummer Jeramie Kling (Venom Inc, Ex-Deo, The Absence), guitarist Taylor Nordberg (Deicide, The Absence) and bassist Terry Butler (Obituary, Death, Massacre, Six Feet Under), will be making their return following their well received 2021 debut, “Rat°God,” and multiple supporting tours.

Kling comments: “With the power of 10 diesel trucks, this machine is on a warpath! Get ready for the next death metal assault

Goldsworthy comments on the cover art: “The basic concept for the “Fearsick” cover was brought to me by Jeramie, and evolved as we worked on it. It picks up from where the last album left off, and shows the main character’s further decay and descent to pure evil. He’s further along in his process of constructing his domain of bodies with a glimpse of the Rat°God setting through the archway. Once again, the aim was to create a cover that evokes the spirit of the classic death metal albums of the late 80s and early 90s

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