NEWS: Distant premier second single with Century Media!

The misery will resonate the horror of the fallen god, Cold touch ignites the flame until the human flesh is no more, Feed my blood to your kin until they’re painted in red, The night is calling me, Rise to the sky, I come and take, what belongs to me, Say goodbye to my mortality, Say goodbye to the human scum, And shatter the earth, I am reborn

Lets face it. Despite the evidence of a trio of EPs and a pair of albums in eight years, there is still the distinct possibility that Century Media didn’t realise quite what they where letting themselves in for when the signed multinational Downtempo Deathcore brutes Distant. The band have pushed Simone Pietroforte (Signs Of The Swarm, Viscera, She Must Burn) at Divergent Studios to his absolute limits at the mixing and mastering desk for new single “Human Scum“, their second vicious little ditty for the label.

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