NEWS: Italians Neid remain offensive to the last!

What do Comrades, Affluente, Kafka, Contrasto, Frammenti, Flopdown and XcaracoX have in common? Aside from being classic 90’s Hardcore Punk bands they’re also the ones that Italian grindcore trio Neid have chosen to cover dor an EP titled “Still Offensive“. That will drop via Time To Kill Records on 15th March and is completed with cover art by famous Italian cartoonist Zerocalcare. As a taste “Colpire” is streaming now with pre-orders available over at bandcamp.

The band comment: “We believe that Contrasto are among the bands that have embodied the concept of militant hardcore since 1996. In their lyrics you can perceive their attachment to concepts such as occupation and self-management. We are linked by a long and thriving friendship that dates back almost 20 years; paying tribute to them with their most iconic and furious song seemed natural and representative to us”.

“This EP is a tribute to a musically prolific decade, the one that goes from 1990 to early 2000s, which in our humble opinion has been overlooked for a long time, unlike the acclaimed 80’s! We feel connected to the 90’s for many reasons, mostly because some of us took our first steps in that decade, having played in hardcore-punk bands born in that period such as Tmd, Manifold, Razzapparte and Flopdown. It therefore seemed natural to us to revisit and rearrange a bunch of songs from some bands we have always loved”.

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