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Review: “They Slime! They Ooze! They Kill!” by Slug Gore

Do you like tales of giant killer slugs, death, violence and impending doom? Do you thrive on Hardcore attitude and arrogant Death Metal growls? Do you pray for razor sharp old school riffage and dirty aggressive bass? Well Slug Gore could be the band for you! Formed in 2022 by vocalist Andrea Salvatore “Sbocco” Parisi

Review: “Alchemia Prophetica” by Sulphur and Mercury

Born in the Cerverteri Necropolis under the blood moon of the Italian summer solstice from a love of classic Heavy Metal and Doom, Sulphur and Mercury forge haunted dirges of occultic sound from the fires of our glorious past, channelling the spirit of 1987 in the process. That year was a pivotal one for both

NEWS: Necrophagia begin to rot and decay…

Following in the footsteps of Static-X, Death Metal legends Necrophagia have pieced together a final album after the tragic passing of vocalist Killjoy Desade in 2018. Written and partially recorded in the two years prior to his death by the bands final line up “Moribundis Grim” was finally finished in 2022 with the help special

NEWS: Slug Gore play inception level extinction games!

A Third single “Wake Up Dead” by Italian death grinders Slug Gore from their highly anticipated album “They Slime! They Ooze! They Kill!” sounds like a Quentin Tarantino inspired nightmarish vision… and no, it’s not a Megadeth cover. You can get your greasy paws on the album on 19th April via Time To Kill Records

NEWS: Sulphur and Mercury begin to levitate…

Bonding over a mutual love of the darker incantations of 1980’s Heavy Metal and artists such as Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost and Sabbat, 2021 was the starting point for Sulphur and Mercury who began writing and recording their debut EP “Alchemia Prophetica” shortly thereafter. Set for a 12th April release via Time To Kill Records and

NEWS: Stormcrow build the mountain once more!

Forging a Sai Sword in the furnaces of Valhalla, Italian Black Metal unit Stormcrow have shared a third single from their upcoming third album “Path to Ascension” with one called “Petit Dru“. The album was recorded and mixed by Carlo Meroni (Khazad Dum, Dead Chasm Cultus Sanguine) at ADSR Studio in Milan before being mastered

NEWS: Rats Will Feast… On Dogs?!

Swinging like a wrecking ball between crushing Hardcore, noisy psychedelia and Post-Rock sounds in their earlier days, Finnish Experimental Hardcore band Rats Will Feast are promising a destructive and chaotic new dawn with new album “Hellhole“. Set to be released on 17th May via Time To Kill Records, they’ve unleashed “Dog Technology” as the first

Review: “Still Offensive” by Neid

“This EP is a tribute to a musically prolific decade, the one that goes from 1990 to early 2000s, which in our humble opinion has been overlooked for a long time, unlike the acclaimed 80’s! We feel connected to the 90’s for many reasons, mostly because some of us took our first steps in that

NEWS: Lastbreath have the last word?

If you’d forgotten just how good “Vendetta” by Italian Hardcore Punks Lastbreath really is then the band have issued a timely reminder with a classically styled music video for “The Last Round” cut from it. The album was an October 2022 release via Time To Kill Records, half an hour of power that rages against

NEWS: Slug Gore tag team in Fulci for “The Deadly Spawn”!

Escaping Ravenna Italy with their souls intact, Deathgrind merchants Slug Gore are preparing us for their debut album “They Slime! They Ooze! They Kill!” with “The Deadly Spawn“, a cut that features Fiore Stravino of Fulci fame. A growing concern since their arrival on the scene at the end of 2022, they’ve already shared stages