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Throwback: “Waiting for the Hyenas” from Across The Swarm!

Relaxing the “it has to be at least a decade old” rule this week as quite frankly rules are made to be broken, we’re heading to Bologna Italy for “Waiting for the Hyenas” from Death Metallers Across The Swarm for today’s throwback track of choice. It was the single that reportedly landed them a deal

Playthrough: “Maid and the Beast” from Soul Dragger!

The seventh playthrough of eleven cuts from their self titled, Time To Kill Records debut album sees Flavio “Imperatore” Leone from Roma Italy based Thrash n’ Heavy Metal act Soul Dragger back, minus the pig mask for “Maid and the Beast“. Yamaha drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Remo drum heads, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Roland triggers and a

Playthrough: “Rise” from Soul Dragger!

What can we say about Roma Italy based Thrash n’ Heavy band Soul Dragger that we haven’t already said? Having smashed out some impressive lockdown covers in recent weeks, paying respects to their heroes in Slayer, Lamb Of God, Trivium and Iron Maiden, they’ve once again returned to their self titled Time To Kill Records

NEWS: The Prince of Darkness joins Crawling Chaos…

In December 2019, Italian Death Metal quartet Crawling Chaos re-entered the studio in order to record their second full-length, “XLIX”, a concept album inspired by Machiavelli’s notorious book “The Prince”. Once again, the record was mixed and produced by Simone Mularoni who had previously been at the helm for their 2013 debut “Repellent Gastronomy”. Directed by Francesco Longo e Manuel

Playthrough: “Everyday” from Soul Dragger!

Your weekly dose of Roma Italy based Thrash Metallers Soul Dragger once again entrust sticksman Flavio “Imperatore” Leone to produce the dedicated drum cam footage. He uses Yamaha drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Remo drum heads, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Roland triggers and a Tama speed cobra double pedal to create his kit and smashes “Everyday” in the

Playthrough: “Death ‘n’ Destruction” from Soul Dragger!

Romans Soul Dragger have been working their way through their self titled album in playthrough video form with sticksman Flavio “Imperatore” Leone regularly in the practice room for dedicated drum cam footage. This weeks choice is “Death ‘n’ Destruction” from the Time To Kill Records released album which will reach its first Anniversary next month.

Bootleg: “Just Bodies” by Across The Swarm!

One of the finer albums of 2020 was “Projections” by Italian Death Metallers Across The Swarm, a record delayed by six months due to the Global Pandemic situation. The band themselves formed in 2013 and rose to prominence with a reputation for an exciting and charged live show, something which is captured in this rendition

NEWS: Across The Swarm know their projections…

If the premier of a bass playthrough video for “Own Life” yesterday wasn’t enough of a fix on Italian Death Metallers Across The Swarm for one week, Time To Kill Records have released a lyric video for “Knowing Became Doing” from the bands recent album “Projections“. The record itself was one which was delayed due

NEWS: Infiltration go M.I.A.

Saint-Petersburg, Russian natives Infiltration have utilized the skills of director Tatyana Navalova to create a music video for “Missing In Bodycount” from their Death Metal ripper of an album “Point Blank Termination” released via Time To Kill Records back in October. Recorded and Mixed by Redneck Studios before being mastered by Drygva Studio, the record

Playthrough: “Own Life” from Across The Swarm!

Who done it? Miss Scarlet in the Kitchen with the Knife. The bass playthrough is a rare breed so to have Mirco Diana of Across The Swarm record this one at Domination Studio in the Republic of San Marino is something of a treat. The song “Own Life” itself comes from “Projections“, an album produced