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NEWS: Rabid Dogs bark loud with “The Crown And The Fist”!

The perfect choice for a single, Italian Grind ‘n Roll outfit Rabid Dogs have taken the opening cut “The Crown And The Fist” from their January released album “Black Cowslip” and given it the full music video treatment. The band who are known for their fusion of Grindcore, Sludge and rock & roll, conjoined with

Review: “Under Serpents Reign” by Deathcrush

It’s been a long hard ride out of hell for Sardinian Death Metal quartet Deathcrush who formed back in 2003 and have a short discography that after a couple of demos and singles started in 2007 with EP “Extreme Claustrophobic Terror“. That lead to 2013 debut album “Collective Brain Infektion” which was followed by 2017

NEWS: Hell awaits for Deathcrush?

Italian Blackened Death Metallers Deathcrush  are approaching two decades of destruction with the release of their third studio album “Under Serpents Reign“, another to add to the growing number of incredible records being dropped of late by bands signed to Time To Kill Records. The full red carpet music video treatment has been given to

Review: “Transformer Treatment” by Necrodeath

Italian Blackened Thrash trailblazers Necrodeath have to be considered one of the most important names in Extreme Metal, grinding their axes for approaching 40 years having formed in 1984 while taking inspiration from the likes of Venom, Slayer and Sodom along the way. A resurgence in the genre has breathed new life into the outfit

NEWS: Necrodeath transform with Time To Kill Records!

Returning for the firs time since 2019’s “Defragments of Insanity“, itself a re-recording of 1989’s “Fragments of Insanity“, Necrodeath are showing no desire to call time on a near forty year career. On March 30th 2022 the  Italian Blackened Thrash metal trailblazers  will drop a 7″ vinyl titled “Transformer Treatment / Come to the Sabbath”

Throwback: “Sadness” from Humator!

  Back in 2008 Italian German Death Groove Metallers Humator released a demo album called “Anger Castles” with an original line up long since departed leaving the original axis of evil in drummer Piero Geloso and guitarist Ray Caltagirone the only men left standing. Now a quintet they recently unveiled “Curse of the Pharaoh” via

Review: “Curse Of The Pharaoh” by Humator

Albums have been few and far between for Italian German Death Metallers Humator who originally formed in Sicily in 2003 and a trio of new members since their 2009 concept album “Memories From The Abyss“, based on the holocaust of WW2. Having recently signed to Italian label Time To Kill Records the band, who after several line

NEWS: Humator prepare to be cursed!

As the title suggests inspired by Egyptian mythology and classic fantasy, more than a decade following the release of their promising debut, Italian German Death Metallers Humator are finally ready to unleash their second album, “Curse of the Pharaoh”, having recently signed to Italian label Time To Kill Records with official release on February 28th 2022. The

NEWS: It’s the law of the strongest for Rabid Dogs!

There is nothing quite like a release date music video to celebrate a new album and “The Law Of Strongest” is the cut chosen for the treatment by Italian Sludge Metal outfit Rabid Dogs. “Black Cowslip” just so happens to be their fifth album in eleven years with Time To Kill Records  landing a copy in

Bootleg: “A Kind Of Pain” from Neker!

Filmed live in the bands practice space on a single fixed camera, Italian Sludge Metal riffs galore are brought to the King’s table by Neker with “A Kind Of Pain” in glorious black and white. The trio who still sound very much like they belong in New Orleans and sharing stages with Crowbar have their