NEWS: It’s one more time around for Slaughtersun!

Having previously streamed the cut a couple of weeks back, Slaughtersun have now offered up a lyric video for what appears to be the title track of their debut album “Fall of the Firmament“. A project on the back burner since it began in 2017, the New Jersey Death Metal act comprise members Thank You Scientist, Tombstoner, Cranial Damage and have recorded in house with mastermind Ben Karas producing, mixing and mastering at Frost Gauntlet Recording in East Rutherford. Curiously enough the group cite musical, lyrical and creative influences from the likes of Demilich, Gorguts and At The Gates

Ben Karas comments on the single: “Lyrically this song combines the lore of the Nephilim, which are a race of giant angels rumored to be responsible for the great flood, and pits that dynamic against the tech age and the giant names of that industry mimicking the decadence and ugliness that brought about the end times

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