Throwback: “Sweating Bullets” by Megadeth!

The debate will rage on around campfires and shots of Wild Turkey about whether Megadeth or Metallica are the better band and have the better legacy; both have blotted their copy book at various times in their careers; “Super Collider” and “Load” both being prime examples but then you can’t be perfect all of the time, can you? To error is to be human and cut, we all bleed. Then you have the debate about which album or track is the finest moment from each band and the list is endless. Take a look at Spotify and you’ll see that “Symphony of Destruction” is far and away the most listened to track on the platform, smashing 146 million streams, almost double what the next cut in the list is. So but in truth it comes down to personal taste; so for us it has to be “Rust In Peace” as being the favourite album and “Sweating Bullets” from its follow up in 1992’s “Countdown To Extinction” as the favourite track, closely followed by “99 Ways To Die“.

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