NEWS: Aortes seek life in the lifeless?

The artists formerly known as Autism otherwise known as Aortes have released their first new material after last years debut album “Devouring Gloom” in single “Lifeless“. Originally an instrumental Post-Metal collective, the Lithuanians changed their name as they gained a voice and have shows in Poland, Czech Republic and Germany in April…

The band comment: “Introducing “Lifeless,” the latest single from Aortes, a sonic journey that seamlessly blends elements of post-metal, black metal, sludge, and experimental synth noises, creating an atmospheric and heavy sound that is truly crushing. This single is a must-listen for those seeking a sonic exploration of the darker aspects of the human experience, as it encapsulates the raw essence of loneliness and despair with a musical intensity that leaves an indelible mark.”

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