NEWS: Belushi Speed Ball love Pizza more than Municipal Waste?

Mastered to perfection by Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust, Louisville Thrash metalheads and saucy pie enthusiasts Belushi Speed Ball have announced a third album for 10th May. Titled “Stellkira” it’s first single and opening track is one titled “My Favorite Color Is Pizza.” and in an unprecedented the band have released it on an actual slice of pizza encased in resin. A playable, amplified slice of pizza. Pre-orders for the album are available over at bandcamp.

Vocalist Vinny Crastellano says of the tasty release: “We are proud to present the world with, ‘Stellkira.’ An album that truly encompasses the DNA that embodies the entity Belushi Speed Ball. Our fans can expect an unrelenting punch to the gut dripping with pepperoni grease. This is what happens when you go beyond sixteen chapels and make the mythical seventeenth! Hold on to your lug nuts, It’s time for an overhaul!

Belushi Speed Ball’s music has been compared to frozen pizza. Which is a hilarious attempt at insulting us. Frozen pizza is absolutely delicious and Pizza Thrash is some of the most fun music ever created. We fully embrace this concept and proudly present our newest single, “My Favorite Color is Pizza”! A Pizza Thrash anthem that will have even the most elitist gatekeeper shamefully slurping up every riff out of the tub drain.

Belushi Speed Ball is the first pizza thrash band (or any band) to release music on actual pizza! We have encased the slice in resin to preserve it’s freshness. Just click the button and let the pizza play for you our newest single, ‘My Favorite Color is Pizza.’ We will have the single available in Detroit and New York style.

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