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Review: “Stellkira” by Belushi Speed Ball

Louisville, Kentucky Crossover Thrash act Belushi Speed Ball (who in case you didn’t already know take their name from American comedian, actor, and musician John Belushi, who died from overdosing on a mixture of cocaine and heroin known as speedball) have been nothing short of prolific since they burst onto the scene in 2013. Since

NEWS: Belushi Speed Ball believe in the conspiracy of one?

Conspiracy theories seem like they’re a dime a dozen so while the World is asking if Avril Lavigne has been replaced, truth seeking Thrash Metalheads Belushi Speed Ball are asking if Garth Brooks a serial killer? The theory is immortalised in their latest single “Garth, Let My Family Go” which begs for closure and information

NEWS: Belushi Speed Ball reach their peak?

Louisville Thrash metalheads Belushi Speed Ball recently served up a piping hot slice of their new album “Stellkira” with the single “My Favorite Color Is Pizza” that burnt the rooves of our mouths but they’re not done yet. Now, the band is back to pay homage to a certain bald critic with their latest track “This

NEWS: Belushi Speed Ball love Pizza more than Municipal Waste?

Mastered to perfection by Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust, Louisville Thrash metalheads and saucy pie enthusiasts Belushi Speed Ball have announced a third album for 10th May. Titled “Stellkira” it’s first single and opening track is one titled “My Favorite Color Is Pizza.” and in an unprecedented the band have released it on an actual slice of