NEWS: Hatred Reigns premier “Absentia” video!

Continuing the promotional campaign around their December released album “Awaken The Ancients“, Canadians Technical Death Metal force Hatred Reigns have shared a 3D animated lyric video for “Absentia“. An eight-track sojourn into other worlds, paying homage to classic films and literature as well as their musical influences, the album has received a lot of praise from all four corners of the Globe so if you like what you hear, you can find the album over at bandcamp.

The album’s narrative follows a protagonist grappling with oppressive forces, leading to a summoning of the ancients who rise to liberate the tormented from their prolonged suffering. Plunged into an endless abyss, the tormented emerge upon a desolate shore, surrounded by aimless souls.

In a quest for liberation, the damned are ferried across by Charon who must navigate treacherous planes, confronting challenges from demons above and lurking waters below. Their odyssey takes them across the enigmatic river Styx, lured by the ancients towards Necropia, where ultimate judgment awaits.

The seventh track/story of eight on the album is “Absentia, which tells the part of their tale of the vessel venturing onward, with the treacherous waters proving to be a metaphorical battleground. The Ancients, masters of manipulation, distort the perceptions of the voyagers. The chronicle’s protagonist’s senses are tampered with, blurring the lines between reality and illusion.

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