NEWS: Nameless twist and contort…

Delving into the tumultuous aftermath of a narcissistic and volatile relationship, exploring the complex emotions of feeling like the antagonist despite the intense love and resentment involved, new cut “Shapeshifter” from Bloodstock survivors Nameless runs deep. Following in the footsteps of Loathe, they have risen to prominence with a genre-defying sound, blending the raw energy of Nu Metal with the ethereal allure of Shoegaze and the unrelenting intensity of Hardcore Music.

The band comment: “Welcome to the new age! We’re excited to announce our debut album Shapeshifter coming out on Autumn 24, last year after winning Metal to the Masses we locked ourselves away for a month working and performing these new tracks and we think it’s some of our best work to date so we are ready to share this new experience with you. A lot of what we are able to do is thanks to you all the experiences we have had over the last year have been some of the best so this album is dedicated to our circus of freaks

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