NEWS: Mythologik return to burn our World!

How many projects does one man have to have on the boil at the same time to save his sanity? In the case of Texas based multi-instrumentalist Bryan Eckermann the answer seems to be a serious volume. The former Wings of Abaddon man is a solo artist in his own right but it seems that and his Scars of the Flesh band isn’t enough as he is joined by Joe Gregory of Valkyrie fame for Mythologik. 14th June will see the arrival of their debut album “Blood in the Sky” after last year’s self titled EP brought the initial vision to life.

What’s the vision we hear you cry? Well it conjoins Eckermann’s Melodic Blackened Death Metal musical ideology with Gregory’s 80’s Thrash Metal style with single “Scorched Earth” painting the picture. Pre-orders are of course available over at bandcamp.

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