NEWS: Warhog laugh at The Emperor’s new clothes!

Dallas Texas riff lords Warhog are preparing to follow up 2022’s well received debut album “Call of the Voyager” with EP “The Dystopian Chronicles, Vol. 1” on 28th June. A Traditional Heavy Metal band, they have a style characterized by driving, rhythmic riffs and melodic storytelling vocals with the new record promising a profound reflection on the complexities of our modern world, set against the backdrop of an ominous dystopian future. From that they offer “Emperor“, a cautionary tale of what happens when the darkest parts of our psyche prevail.

The band comment: “‘Emperor’ is a straightforward headbanger about unchecked ego, self-assurance, and the need for control. ‘Emperor’ is what happens when we let the darkest parts of ourselves win and it’s not too far from what we’re seeing in our world right now.”

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