NEWS: Wildeornes wait beneath the mighty Oak!

They used to say that you couldn’t have a single over three minutes on the radio. We said f*** the radio, as do Australian Blackened Doom Metal act Wildeornes who have chosen the near 10 minute “Under Oak” as the next preview from their upcoming 30th April releasing album “…On the Earth, Under the Sky…”. Captivating and immersive? Every second! The band cite influences as wide ranging as Bathory, Mastodon, Candlemass and Enslaved so prepare yourself…

The band comment: “While we have a broad concept for each album, we don’t set out to write one type of song or another, we just write and demo and edit, rinse and repeat. However, as with many heavy bands, the spectre of Iommi is never far away.  Each album always seems to end up with at least one unapologetic tribute to Iommi and more broadly the UK 70s heavy rock scene, and with Under Oak, we let our love of melodic epic doom metal run rampant. We couldn’t be happier with the end result“.

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