Review: “Remote Death” by Munitions

Having cut their teeth in Join The Amish, Nemesium, Desecrator, Vulture Culture, MYC, Blunt Shovel, Shallow Grave, Embodied, Dawn of Retribution vocalist Clint Williams, drummer Tim Wright, bassist Jared Roberts and axe wielding duo Dave Collins and Marcus Ritli formed Munitions in early 2021 determined to make their mark on the Metal scene. Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the post pandemic World, having battled through the plague years the band delivered the well received debut EP “Black Wind” in 2022. That opened the doors for shows with Jungle Rot, Skeletal Remains and Exhumed and so now they return with a sophomore effort in “Remote Death“, once again recorded, mixed and mastered by Luke Walton at Danger Tone Studios Melbourne.

Clearly having a lot to get off his chest, Williams vents his spleen in venomously caustic fashion on opening cut “…and this is how you die“. A track with an air of The Black Dahlia Murder about it which finds the band delivering Blackened Death Thrash riffs galore, it’s a jaw dropping moment and a clear step up from their previous burnt offerings. Rampaging percussive battery and rumbling bass threatens to turn crush the skull from the inside out and this furious undertaking is simply the beginning. Flavours of early 2003 era American Metalcore were present on the bands debut EP and the solo at the start of “Manufactured Demise” has a flavour of early Killswitch Engage about it before things get dramatically darker and more melancholic. Wright has been given an immense drum sound which means you can not only hear but feel the power of his performances and on this one he outdoes himself. The restless and relentless nature of it fuels the Black Metal elements and this sobering affair of a nightmarish vision oozes with Scandinavian qualities.

Littered with nuances including a fleeting bass solo from Roberts and a warm classical Death Thrash solo “Trapped” is arguably the definitive cut from Munitions at this point in their career. A well rounded offering with a brutal vocal performance and scream a long chorus, it offers all the elements that comprise the bands sound in one easy to swallow four and a half minute ripper. The leads are mesmerising, the dark melodies all consuming and when coupled with a whirlwind of percussion it creates a sandstorm of Death Metal from which there is no escape. Going straight Death Thrash “Chained Up” increases the speed and intensity for a cut that roars like a wounded beast protecting its offspring. While Williams used some shriller harsh vocals on the earlier tracks his death growls on this one feel more vicious, as he roars “don’t waste your time, don’t waste your breath” before the band slow things down a notch without losing any of their momentum. If you wanted to be ultra critical you could say that there is a missed opportunity for a bigger breakdown there but instead the band step out of the slower passage into another face melting solo that erases all thought of that. A lethal dose of Australian hatred, “Remote Death” is the kind of record that puts a smile on your face with the bands confident and vicious performances [9/10]

Track Listing

1. …and this is how you die
2. Manufactured Demise
3. Trapped
4. Chained Up

Remote Death” by Munitions is out 9th July 2024

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