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NEWS: Mushroomhead announce Studio Album number Nine!

…and just like that Cleveland Ohio’s Mushroomhead have announced a ninth studio album titled “Call The Devil” to appear via Napalm Records on 9th August. Curiously the bands line up continues to evolve with an unexpected return to the group for Jackie LaPonza who also appears the video for first single “Fall In Line“, while

NEWS: Mushroomhead reign terror on Europe in August!

Cleveland Ohio’s Mushroomhead have announced that they’ll be dragging Dymytry and Silenzer kicking and screaming across Europe in August. They’re still riding the crest of the wave of 2020’s “A Wonderful Life“, their debut album in partnership with Napalm Records and since have re-introduced guitarist Dave “Gravy” Felton and added riff slinger Joe “Jenkins” Gaal.

Throwback: “Too Much Nothing” by Mushroomhead!

Recorded over a one year period between 1994 and 1995, the debut self titled album from Cleveland Ohio Alternative Metal act Mushroomhead is a cause for celebration. An independent release and the only one to feature the original line up of the group, it’s laced with 14 movie samples over 13 cuts, ranging from Quentin

NEWS: Mushroomhead undergo major surgery?

While there has been no formal announcement, it looks as though Cleveland Ohio’s Mushroomhead have undergone significant line up changes prior to their current European tour, with two members having exited stage left in vocalist Jackie LaPonza and guitarist Tom “Tankx” Shaffner and two members in vocalist Jason “J Mann” Popson and sampler Rick “St1tch”

Bootleg: “Too Much Nothing” from Mushroomhead!

The revolving door of musicians that have been in Cleveland Ohio Metallers Mushroomhead have been paid tribute to during a series of bootlegs exclusively edited and remastered for YouTube and released by the band. The series goes in deep, taking us back in this first wave to shows from 1996, this rendition of their classic

Bootleg: Mushroomhead Mondays and June tour dates!

Over the past week Cleveland Ohio Metallers Mushroomed have started to dismantle and distribute a show filmed at The Odeon Concert Club from 24th February 1996, edited and remastered exclusively for YouTube. The first pair of cuts have appeared in “43” and “Never Let It Go” with an old fashioned TV set the perfect frame

NEWS: A Requiem For Tomorrow for Mushroomhead (again)!

Featuring “Lacrimosa” and the never before released full version of “Agnus Dei” performed by the Cleveland Chamber Choir, Mushroomhead have given us the opportunity to relive their 12 minute magnum opus cinematic music video for “A Requiem For Tomorrow” in monochrome. The track appears on the bands highly anticipated and long awaited 2020 album “A

NEWS: Its a requiem for Mushroomhead!

They say go big or go home and with that in mind Cleveland Ohio residents Mushroomhead have taken “A Requiem For Tomorrow” and gone all out cinematic, something which their new label home Napalm Records will be loving. The track is the opening cut from their 2020 record “A Wonderful Life” and clocks in at

NEWS: Mushroomhead march on Europe in June 2022!

It seems surreal that having waited so long for their eighth studio album to appear, “A Wonderful Life” from Cleveland Ohio’s Mushroomhead has already reached its 1st anniversary with the band not being able to tour. In something of a surprise move they’ve announced an as yet incomplete run of shows in Europe starting in