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Playthrough: “Master of None” from Absalom!

Having parted ways with vocalist Adam Ost in May 2020 and begun the search for a replacement, Manchester Progressive Metallers Absalom have written a new song called “Master of None” as an instrumental trio. Follow the release of the song on all digital platforms, they’ve returned four days later (should have been 28?) with a

NEWS: Unearthed Festival 2020 line up!

Offering promotions, merch, graphic design and tour management, Unearthed Music have announced a one day, 22 bands festival across two stages! There will be no band clashes so you can see everyone on the bill moving between Manchester Aatma and Peer Hat on 25th January the line up for Unearthed Festival 2020 is as follows;

The Black Map #86: Detest from Manchester!

Technical Metalcore heroes August Burns Red are renouned for carrying the tag line “Angry Music For Happy People” on their paraphernalia. There isn’t any happiness in Manchester. Beatdown Hardcore crew Detest dropped EP “Human Scum” in June 2019 and we’re joined by Stuart Carson of Mortal Shift for “Abuser”, a track about putting a self 

Playthrough: “Solstice” from Absalom!

Released back in April, Manchester Progressive Tech-Metallers Absalom shared their self titled debut EP for us to review. A fine piece of work, they count amongst their influences Erra, August Burns Red and Architects. Here’s a freshly released playthrough video for “Solstice” that sees their string section get a close up. Steven Brown wrote an

NEWS: Techabilitation 2019!

The annual post Tech-Fest rehab clinic otherwise known as Techabilitation continues its around the venues tour, having gone from London to Derby, this year’s incarnation will be at The Bread Shed in Manchester! The one dayer will kick off at the gunslingers duel time of high noon on Saturday 2nd November with a suitably impressive

Under The Influence #5: Absalom on “Drift” by Erra!

Naming their band after the homonymous Akkadian God of War and Plague, Birmingham Alabama natives Erra released their third album “Drift” in 2016 via Sumerian Records. Produced by Nick Sampson, it marked the bands first album with former Texas in July vocalist J.T. Cavey and impressively received an 8.5/10 from Metal Injection. The Progressive Metalcore

Review: “Self Titled” EP by Absalom

Manchester Metalcore infused Tech-Metal 5 piece Absalom comprise of drummer Olley Holgate, bassist Alex Papaioannou, vocalist Adam Oat and 8 string merchants Stephen Brown and James Phillips. Interestingly they boast that they have progressive leanings and state their influences as being Architects, August Burns Red and…. Bring Me The Horizon. Introduction instrumental “Dusk” is a