The Black Map #86: Detest from Manchester!

Technical Metalcore heroes August Burns Red are renouned for carrying the tag line “Angry Music For Happy People” on their paraphernalia. There isn’t any happiness in Manchester. Beatdown Hardcore crew Detest dropped EP “Human Scum” in June 2019 and we’re joined by Stuart Carson of Mortal Shift for “Abuser”, a track about putting a self  Self-righteousness piece of work in a shallow grave. Darkness is where they lurk with a gritty real intensity that is second to none in alongside their skull crushing riffs. Who said Deathcore was dead? Who said there aren’t any decent Deathcore bands outside of the US? Best not repeat those sentiments near Detest vocalist Christian Tustin, if you like your teeth in your mouth. The Mancunian bruisers have stepped on stages across the country in 2019 with Filth, Street Soldier and Black Tongue being among those who have witnessed their set. They’ll be at Unearthed Festival 2020 on 25th January at Aatma in Manchester with Starve To Survive, Absalom and Malign, if you dare… [Cue evil laughter, cough]

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