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NEWS: Deathing celebrate debut EP with “Dead World Alive”!

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of reviewing the new EP from Deathing, cunningly entitled “All Hail The Decay“. It’s been five years in the works, the brainchild of the axis of evil that is Marko Mäkinen and Mikko Kivimäki and includes a ripper of a cover of “Blinded By Fear” by At The

Review: “All Hail The Decay” by Deathing

Back in 2014, the foundations of Deathing were paved from the ruins of band Ruindom when former bass player Marko Mäkinen dug up his guitar and started bombarding drummer Mikko Kivimäki with Death Metal riff ideas. He took the bait. Rami Vartiainen soon joined the fold to fill up the bass frequencies and with the