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NEWS: Kaali break the cycle!

Created in collaboration between the band and the Digital Film & Video Program of RMIT University of Vietnam, Blackened Hardcore outfit Kaali have shared a music video for “The Cycle” from their sophomore EP “Echoes Of Decay“. Serbian Producer and multi instrumentalist Sava Tomic (Keni nije mrtav, Suffering’s the Price) was once again behind the

NEWS: Kaali bleed you dry?

It feels like the oddest of things but Kaali, a Blackened Hardcore outfit hailing from the four corners of the Globe but based in Saigon are preparing to unveil a sophomore EP in “Echoes Of Decay” later this year. The band have dropped a second single from that in one called “Spiritless“, once again using

NEWS: Kaali seek a soothsayer?

No longer alone, Kaali, a Blackened Hardcore quartet with members from all four corners of the globe who have been brought together in Saigon have premiered a new single in “Necromateion” with a hint of a Dune influence in the accompanying music video. All of that in intriguing with the title of the song referring

Exclusive Interview: Kaali talk “Alone”!

It’s not every day that you come across a band of ex-pats living in Vietnam who have joined forces to to form a Blackened Hardcore outfit; but Rich Peto (Guitar), Sergey Bochenkov (Drums), Cerrin Hendricks (Bass) and Viktor Nagradic (Vocals) who hail from Chi Minh City have done exactly that with Kaali. They enlisted the

Review: “Alone” by Kaali

They say expect the unexpected, don’t be surprised by an unusual event because frankly anything could happen and probably will. So when reading the bio of Kaali, a Blackened Hardcore outfit from Chi Minh City, Vietnam we shouldn’t be surprised that the band is comprised of a group of expats. But even so, it seems

Review: “Alone” EP by Oni

As big fans of November 2016’s Josh Wilbur (Lamb of God, Gojira) produced and armor-plated debut album “Ironshore” from Canadian Progressive Metallers Oni and having witnessed their full on onslaught at Tech-Fest the following summer, the future looked incredibly bright and beautiful for them. There has however been a hiatus of sorts before this near

NEWS: Oni can “Breathe Again”?

13th December will see the long awaited follow up to “Ironshore” from Oni! Entitled “Alone“, the 5 track EP produced by Josh Wilbur (Trivium, Lamb Of God) is available for pre-order here, with the title track and “Breathe Again” available for immediate download. Both tracks are also now streaming, courtesy of Metal Blade Records.