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Listmania: Ice Nine Kills Horror Film Recommendations!

Getting together with Alternative Press, Ice Nine Kills vocalist Spencer Charnas has taken to the small screen to recommend 10 of his favourite horror films that you might enjoy during this lockdown season. For those not in the know, he’s a film fanatic and these are some that inspired the bands current album “The Silver

Listmania: Alternative Press Highlights in Metalcore!

Alternative Press journalist Joe Smith-Engelhart has written a list of 12x Essential Albums that formed the backbone of the early 2000’s Metalcore scene. It’s one of those that serves as a reminder of some of the great material that appeared 20 years ago and with the likes of Converge, Killswitch Engage and Norma Jean still

NEWS: Alternative Press Promote Deathcore!?!

Plugging 10x “Up and Coming” Deathcore bands we already know about in this new article, Alternative Press isn’t the kind of place you’d expect to find that particular sub-genre of our favourite music. But they do pay attention to some of the bigger players on the field at the moment, including Traitors who have been

Interview: How Jinjer beat the Reaper!

In a feature called “Beat The Reaper” for Alternative Press, Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer talk of a time that they were run off the road with an oncoming motorist playing a game of chicken with them. They lived tell the tale and are currently blazing a trail across Europe in a run to Christmas.

Review: “Fracture/Decompose” by Cutting Teeth

Leeds quartet Cutting Teeth aka James Thurlby, Jono Roberts, Nathan Euington and Adam Jones have been making waves of late with single “Diathesis” hitting 13k worth of YouTube streams in a month at the time this review was written. They come from a city with a number of emerging talents and follow hot on the

Interview: August Burns Red talk Constellations!

Alternative Press caught up with August Burns Red and asked them which 5 things they would definitely change about “Constellations” now that they have gained the perspective of playing the album in its entirety on the 10th Anniversary Tour. Ain’t hindsight a wonderful thing? Also among the questions is one about which 5 album anniversary

Interview: Slaves announce new vocalist with new single!

Jonny Craig maybe blessed with a fine set of vocal pipes but he’s also a character that has proven to be unreliable. When he left the band he worked so hard to create and keep together in Slaves at an airport hours before a European Tour with Escape The Fate for “Beautiful Death” a couple

Playthrough: “White Wine Spritzer” from Okilly Dokilly!

Head Ned has joined up with Alternative Press to give us a guitar playthrough breakdown of “White Wine Spritzer” from his band Okilly Dokilly! They’ve announced a decent run of UK shows with main support from Red Rum in October and November and with the London date at Camden Underworld falling on Halloween, it could

Documentary: August Burns Red on Two-Stick Stories!

Alternative Press filmed this documentary with Matt Griener from August Burns Red on the importance of the drummer and techniques while also mentioning some habits he had to break to fully enjoy playing. He’ll be upon our shores with the band in November, joined by Erra and Currents in celebration of 10 Years of their