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Playthrough: “Tower Of Torsos” from Signs Of The Swarm!

What do Pearl, Vic Firth, Zildjian, Evans, Rowland, Snareweight, PDP Concept and Bayerdynamic all have in common? They’re all contributers of drum gear used by Signs Of The Swarm sticksman Bobby Crow in this playthrough video for “Tower Of Torsos“. The cut is of course going to be in the set when the Pittsburgh Deathcore

NEWS: Signs Of The Swarm remain on borrowed time?

In celebration of their upcoming second summer in Europe, Pittsburgh Deathcore unit Signs Of The Swarm  have dropped a live music video for bouncy crowd pleaser that is “Borrowed Time“. Woven together by together by Dylan Gould, the video comprises a compilation of live footage from the tour cycle for last year’s landmark fifth album “Amongst

Playthrough: “Shackles Like Talons” from Signs Of The Swarm!

Armed for the apocalypse with a 5 string Dingwall NG2 Bass alongside Darkglass Electronics X-Ultra and Droptech Drop pedals, Signs Of The Swarm low frequency master Michael Cassese entered ID Lab in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with Kyle Hines to record a bass playthrough video for our viewing pleasure. The track of choice is “Shackles Like Talons”

Bootleg: Signs Of The Swarm in in Montreal Canada!

No less than 15 minutes of Signs Of The Swarm at The Fairmount Theatre in Montreal Canada on 22nd November has surfaced as the Deathcore skull crushers prepare to wage war on Europe once more. “Fire & Stone“, “Pray for Death“, “Borrowed Time” and “Low & Empty” have all been caught on camera as the

Bootleg: “Death Whistle” from Signs Of The Swarm!

Having finished their tour with Carnifex and The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Pittsburgh Pennsylvanian Deathcore brutes Signs Of The Swarm played a few shows as they traveled back East with To The Grave. From the sold out show in Portland Oregon at Dante Live, the band have shared “Death Whistle” which was performed as

Playthrough: “Borrowed Time” from Signs Of The Swarm!

Filmed at the album release show for “Amongst The Low And Empty” in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on 28th July, dedicated drum cam footage of Signs Of The Swarm stickman Bobby Crow hammering “Borrowed Time” out of the park has emerged from the black depths. The band followed Lorna Shore and Distant to Century Media as the

NEW: Signs Of The Swarm fall with broken dreams?

The obligatory album release day music video finds director Eric DiCarlo (Bodysnatcher) from SquareUp Studios casting producer, mixer and masterer Josh Schroeder (Lorna Shore, King 810, Tallah, Varials) as an artist in “Dreamkiller” from Deathcore heavy hitters Signs Of The Swarm. The track takes pride of place on “Amongst the Low & Empty” which is being distributed by

Review: “Amongst The Low And Empty” by Signs Of The Swarm

“We’ve always been a Deathcore band. But this record is a lot MORE—it’s got death metal, metalcore, djent, some industrial stuff… we wanted to make something that was just heavy. Everything came together so fast we didn’t have time to second guess it. If we had a part where we weren’t sure what to add,