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NEWS: Morphide reimagine “Catharsis” with a trio of co-conspirators!

Returning to their album “Anhedonia“, Copenhagen Denmark based Latvian Metal duo Morphide have shared an alternative take on single “Catharsis“. This version finds vocalist Jelizaveta “Eissa” Zovnercuka joined by a trio of co-conspirators from her homeland in Wolf of Viking Metal act Varang Nord, Gia of Emo loving Alternative Metal act Seira and last but by

Playthrough: “Catharsis” from Morphide!

Given the way that Copenhagen Denmark based Progressive Metalcore merchants Morphide have operated throughout the passed couple of years of some Global situation or other it wouldn’t surprise us if very soon there is a one take vocal performance from Jelizaveta ‘Eissa’ Zovnercuka for every cut on new record “Anhedonia” very soon. While the album

NEWS: Morphide seek Catharsis with “Anhedonia”!

Mixed and mastered by Myroslav Borys-Smith (Last Hounds, Confessions Of A Traitor) at  Jigsaw Audio, the debut album “Anhedonia” from Progressive Metalcore merchants Morphide has finally landed. Based in Copenhagen Denmark the band comprises  Latvian husband and wife pairing in multi instrumentalist Kristians Konovalovs and vocalist Jelizaveta ‘Eissa’ Zovnercuka, they’ve unvieled “Catharsis” as the next

NEWS: Morphide announce debut album “Anhedonia”!

The wait may not be completely over but after what seems like forever (and turns out to “only” be three years!) Copenhagen Denmark based Progressive Metalcore act Morphide have set the date of 9th September for their debut album “Anhedonia“. Coincidentally a nine track affair, it is one said to be lyrically focused on human

NEWS: Drewsif Stalin drops “Overcome” video!

Interestingly, despite the album “Anhedonia” being released in 2017, Drewsif Stalin has released a music video for “Overcome”. Having toured with Rest Repose and laid down a guest spot for Valis Ablaze in 2018, it’s been a busy year for the Baltimore Maryland Engineer and Musician.

Bootleg: Drewsif Stalin at The Foundary!

Drewsif Stalin‘s Musical Endeavours, Pro-Shot full set at The Foundary Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio on 20th June. 30 minutes of progressive metal at its finest from Baltimore Maryland. 2017’s “Anhedonia” is available over at bandcamp.

NEWS: Drewsif covers “Rock Star” by Post Malone!

In the Fearless Records offices there is someone who’s laughing hard about the phoneominon they accidentally created with their long running “Punk Goes Pop” series. It started out as just a thing and then evolved into Metal Goes Pop and now everyone who’s anyone has put out a cover in that style. One YouTube search

NEWS: Kmac2021 and Drewsif get Disturbed for April Fools!

April Fools day. Good until Midday. Kmac 2021 and Drewsif of Drewsif Stalin fame have combined to drop this April Fools Meme cover of Disturbed‘s highly successful single “Sound of Silence”, itself a cover of Simon & Garfunkel from 1964. If you don’t get the joke, you haven’t been paying attention. Drewsif Stalin’s album “Anhedonia”

NEWS: Drewsif Stalin covers Kabuli Khan!

Baltimore, Maryland Multi-Instrumental, progressive metal and soundscape master Drewsif Stalin has dropped a surprise cover of Kablai Khan’s “Nomad” album intro “Antpile”. The song is a test of the tone offering from the Joey Sturgis Toneforge Guilty Pleasure amp sim. Drewsif Stalin’s latest offering “Anhedonia” is out now via bandcamp.