Playthrough: “Catharsis” from Morphide!

Given the way that Copenhagen Denmark based Progressive Metalcore merchants Morphide have operated throughout the passed couple of years of some Global situation or other it wouldn’t surprise us if very soon there is a one take vocal performance from Jelizaveta ‘Eissa’ Zovnercuka for every cut on new record “Anhedonia” very soon. While the album itself is mixed and mastered by Myroslav Borys-Smith (Last Hounds, Confessions Of A Traitor) at Jigsaw Audio, for this rendition of “Catharsis” the live vocals are mixed and mastered by Kristians Konovalovs, Eissa’s husband, multi-instrumentalist and partner in crime. No harm came to the Rode K2 Microphone, Audient iD22 audio interface, Warm audio wa76 compressor and of course Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO headphones used in the making of this video…

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