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NEWS: Morphide reimagine “Catharsis” with a trio of co-conspirators!

Returning to their album “Anhedonia“, Copenhagen Denmark based Latvian Metal duo Morphide have shared an alternative take on single “Catharsis“. This version finds vocalist Jelizaveta “Eissa” Zovnercuka joined by a trio of co-conspirators from her homeland in Wolf of Viking Metal act Varang Nord, Gia of Emo loving Alternative Metal act Seira and last but by

Playthrough: “Catharsis” from Morphide!

Given the way that Copenhagen Denmark based Progressive Metalcore merchants Morphide have operated throughout the passed couple of years of some Global situation or other it wouldn’t surprise us if very soon there is a one take vocal performance from Jelizaveta ‘Eissa’ Zovnercuka for every cut on new record “Anhedonia” very soon. While the album

NEWS: Morphide seek Catharsis with “Anhedonia”!

Mixed and mastered by Myroslav Borys-Smith (Last Hounds, Confessions Of A Traitor) at  Jigsaw Audio, the debut album “Anhedonia” from Progressive Metalcore merchants Morphide has finally landed. Based in Copenhagen Denmark the band comprises  Latvian husband and wife pairing in multi instrumentalist Kristians Konovalovs and vocalist Jelizaveta ‘Eissa’ Zovnercuka, they’ve unvieled “Catharsis” as the next

NEWS: Morphide announce debut album “Anhedonia”!

The wait may not be completely over but after what seems like forever (and turns out to “only” be three years!) Copenhagen Denmark based Progressive Metalcore act Morphide have set the date of 9th September for their debut album “Anhedonia“. Coincidentally a nine track affair, it is one said to be lyrically focused on human

NEWS: Morphide take on Jabba the Hutt and get “Carbonized”!

Coupled with an instrumental created by João Medeiros the frontwoman of Copenhagen Denmark based Progressive Metalcore act Morphide Eissa Zhovnerchuk has turned her attentions to Northlane and dropped a cover of their recent single “Carbonized” a week before the album to which it’s anchored in “Obsidian” drops. Once again proving herself to be the most

NEWS: Morphide tag team for Jinjer cover!

Having spent the last 18 months doing a new vocal cover pretty much every week, Morphide frontwoman Eissa Zhovnerchuk has managed to persuade a collection of like minded musicians to record a cover of “Vortex” by Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer with her. There is one particular guest on this rendition who is a fascinating surprise

Vs Tuesday Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Thornhill.

Still residing in The Dark Pool are Australian Progressive Metalcore act Thornhill, who unveiled their debut album in October 2019 and toured the Globe without looking back. During the Pandemic, vocalist Jacob Charlton lent this throat to “Year Of The Rat” from the re-imagined “Hyperdaze” album from friends in Void Of Vision, while a wealth

Documentary: BTS of “Panopticon” with Morphide!

Three weeks after the release of their latest single “Panopticon“, Copenhagen Denmark based Progressive Metalcore act Morphide have returned to the music video for a behind the scenes endeavour. The cut itself was mixed and mastered by Myroslav Borys (Confessions Of A Traitor, Last Hounds) at Jigsaw Audio, which always makes us think of him

NEWS: Morphide take on “Clockwork”!

All that glitters may not be Gold but when it comes to Morphide, it’s pretty damn close and it shouldn’t be long before they’re playing some big stages and rubbing shoulders with Metals elite. Until then, vocalist Eissa Zhovnerchuk has been bringing vocal covers to test our Metal and this time out she’s chosen the

NEWS: Morphide unveil “Panopticon”, from Copenhagen with love!

For those uninitiated, Copenhagen, Denmark based Morphide are a female-fronted  Alternative Metal act with Progressive Metal leanings who take inspiration from such bands as Tesseract, Karnivool, Tool and Northlane. Vocalist Eissa Zhovnerchuk has joined the likes of The Agonist frontwoman Vicky Psarakis in spending the last year releasing weekly vocal covers and has seriously impressed