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NEWS: Morphide watch the skies…

Remaining in excellent company with the likes of Vicky Psarakis of The Agonist, Copenhagen Denmark based Morphide vocalist Eissa Zhovnerchuk has continued to impress with vocal covers during lockdown. Having already provided us with renditions of songs by Infected Rain, Jinjer, Lacuna Coil and Architects often with the accompaniment of João Medeiros who provides the

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Spiritbox #2

The love for Vancouver Canada’s Spiritbox continues to flow like a river to the sea and they grow not only their fanbase among Joe Public but also among their peers in the music industry. After all, who would have picked out Courtney La Plante to appear on a The Acacia Strain track before she actually

NEWS: Morphide wrestle with “Animals”?

Copenhagen Denmark Progressive Metalcore act Morphide have see their frontwoman Eissa Zhovnerchuk bringing out weekly vocal covers from a wide range of similar acts during the Great Plague of 2020, often with the help of João Medeiros who provides the instrumental. Going one step further this week, they’ve done a guitar and vocal cover of

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Animals.

We were beginning to wonder when Brighton Progressive Metalcore heroes Architects would resurface after the “Cycle of Suffering” album from guitarist Josh Middleton’s other band Sylosis and so the surprise release of single “Animals” via Epitaph Records before their Royal Albert Hall live streamed show was something of a moment. The track itself brings some

NEWS: Morphide prepare for the “Aftermath”!

After a wealth of vocal covers, the day after lockdown ended in Copenhagen Denmark, Progressive Metalcore act Morphide raced into the studio and shot a video for their Feburary released single “Aftermath“, their fifth in all since the summer of 2019. You can check out the rest over at bandcamp.

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Spiritbox.

When husband and wife duo guitarist Mike Stringer and vocalist Courtney LaPlante exited stage left from American Metalcore act Iwrestledabearonce in 2016 citing feeling worn down as replacement people in the band, it effectively signaled the end for guitarist Steven Bradley’s project after 8 years. The duo however wouldn’t be out of the game very

Interview: Spiritbox talk to Knotfest!

It seems that Canadian Progressive Metallers Spiritbox are very much flavour of the month at the moment with covers of their songs from the likes of Morphide and Christina Rotondo to name but two appearing out of the woodwork in the last few weeks. Following their latest single “Holy Roller“, vocalist Courtney Laplante sat down

NEWS: Morphide cover “The Abyss” by Termina!

Morphide frontwoman Eissa has been showing off her vocal talents with a steady stream of interesting Metal vocal covers against the backdrop of instrumental takes from some seriously talented multi instrumentalists. Termina, a project between multi instrumentalist Nik Nocturnal and Monuments vocalist Andy Cizek may have only shared their second single “The Abyss“ four days ago,

NEWS: Morphide create tour video for single “Akeneo”!

While vocalist Eissa continues to impress with a series of vocal covers to instrumental versions created by other YouTube collaborators including those of Jinjer and Lacuna Coil, Copenhagen Denmark based Progressive Alternative Metallers Morphide have put together a music video for “Akeneo” comprised of footage from their Wild Spirit tour in 2019. You can check

NEWS: Morphide cover “Orphan Soul” by Infected Rain!

Continuing her reign of terror on Copenhagen, Morphide frontwoman Eissa has recorded a cover of “Orphan Soul” by Infected Rain with Maksim Yarushkrin and Aleksey Korolyov providing the instrumental. The Progressive Metal act, originally from Latvia also appeared on Heidi Shepard of Butcher Babies “Sisters That Slay” Spotify playlist last month, which you can find here.