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Review: “Tulpa” by Linus Klausenitzer

When is a solo album not a solo album? That is the question and one open to interpretation. For some, a solo album means they do literally everything from playing all the instruments down to the mixing, mastering and even artwork. For others, one individual servers as a mastermind, gathering willing assistants to partake in

NEWS: Linus Klausenitzer unveils third chapter “Sehraff”!

Inching closer to the 6th October and the release date for the intriguing debut solo album “Tulpa” from former Obscura six string fretless bassist Linus Klausenitzer means a third single has surfaced in “Sehraff“. Featuring a myriad of guests, from the cunning and political prowess of the ‘King’, to the divine messages delivered by the

Documentary: Linus Klausenitzer and Ibanez create something unique!

Ahead of the release of solo album and guest filled endeavour “Tulpa“, former Obscura six string fretless bass guitarist Linus Klausenitzer has shared a featurette in which he talks about going on a journey with Ibanez. The end result is the first bass with a steel fretboard, which he also demonstrates while the record itself

NEWS: Linus Klausenitzer offers a soul to sell?

Following the arrival of “King Of Hearts“, renowned former Obscura six string fretless bassist Linus Klausenitzer has plucked “Our Souls Set Sail” from his forthcoming, debut solo album, “Tulpa” to tickle your cerebral cortex. The record is out on 6th October via AOP Records and features a myriad of incredible guests and while he’s known for

NEWS: Former Obscura bassist Linus Klausenitzer returns with “Tulpa”!

Inspired by the German book “Die Sphinx” (1873) from Emil Besetzny, former Obscura bassist Linus Klausenitzer has announced a solo record built around his signature 6-string fretless bass sound featuring a myriad of guests. Titled “Tulpa” it is said to take listeners on a musical odyssey through time, exploring the story of an Austrian lord’s

Review: “Reaching Beyond Assiah” by Outlaw

Conceived in São Paulo Brazil in 2015 but having since become international as mastermind Daniel Souza (Imperium Infernale, Nahasheol, Night Prowler or The Black Spade) travels around Europe, Outlaw are a Black Metal collective with two critically acclaimed records and an EP under their bullet belt. Now based in Germany, Souza is joined by Tommi

NEWS: Outlaw premier “Beyond The Realms Of God”!

Brazilian bred and now German based, revered Melodic Black Metal trio Outlaw have announced that their third album “Reaching Beyond Assiah” will arrive on 31st March via AOP Records. Recorded in both Sweden and the Netherlands with seven cuts for seven deadly sins, we have been treated to “Beyond The Realms Of God” in advance alongside pre-orders

NEWS: The Spirit seek “Of Clarity and Galactic Structures” !

Unleashing the title track alongside their pre-order campaign, black/death virtuosi The Spirit seek to drag willing listeners kicking and screaming into the cosmic void. The duo take a progressive turn while once again delve into the vast nothingness of the universe with the 7 minute long crushing magnum opus “Of Clarity and Galactic Structures” with the date

Review: “The Redemptive End” by GROZA

Forged in the fires of Bavaria, Germany in 2016 as a one man Black Metal Project, GROZA grew into a trio over the two years preceding their 2018 debut “Unified In Void“, a well received album that provided enough raw material to afford the band the opportunities to relentlessly wage war on Europe with their

Review: “Mӕre” by Harakiri For The Sky

As a duo Salzburg Austria pairing Harakiri For The Sky have released an album every two years since their 2012 self titled debut, a unique blend of atmospheric Black Metal and Progressive Rock that gives both the inescapable maelstrom of shattering screams and the sudden acoustic guitar interludes that are World’s apart and yet sit