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Playthrough: “Symbols” from Arhat!

Is a full band playthrough the same thing as a cut being played live in the studio? Possibly not but that hasn’t stopped Ukrainian Ethnic Groove Metal act Arhat offering one up for “Symbols“. The cut isn’t from the bands current album “Dead Life” but instead a new single for 2022 that has much promise

NEWS: Arhat let freedom ring with a shotgun blast?

Ethnic Groove Metal act Arhat who hail from Ukraine may have formed in 2017 from a collection of seasoned musicians but it took them 3 years to be able to release their debut album “Dead Life“. That’s part of the problem of being perfectionists; you want everything to be right and that takes time. If

Planet Metal #4: Ukraine!

Our monthly round up of Underground Metal bands from around the Globe has been pretty random so far with stops in Europe, South America, Russia and so a return to Eastern Europe and a region steeped in Slavic culture in Ukraine seems like a good place to be and with a population exceeding 41 million

Bootleg: Arhat at Black Sea Metal Festival!

As Ukrainian Groove Metallers Arhat are about to drop their debut full length record “Dead Life” on 23rd December 2020 we figured that now is a good time to dive into their live material. So here’s a playlist created by the band themselves that includes footage from their performances at United Metal Festival and Black

Review: “Dead Life” by Arhat

Forming in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2017, Ethnic Groove Metal act Arhat released their first demo “Mantra” in January 2018 which led them to perform at Black Sea Metal Festival that summer, releasing single “Stately Ruins” shortly before hand. The seasoned musicians went from strength to strength and the following summer performed at United Metal Festival¬†in