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Exclusive Interview: The Final Sleep talk “Vessels Of Grief”!

Last month saw the release of “Vessels Of Grief” from The Final Sleep, a band with a huge reputation following their critically acclaimed debut “I” back in 2017 while also featuring in their ranks founding members of Arsis, Burning Human and Withstand. Returning to Brett Portzer (Author & Punisher, Arsis, Skinless, Recon) to Master and

Review: “Vessels Of Grief” by The Final Sleep

It’s been five years since the first confession of The Final Sleep, a band that features founding members of Arsis, Burning Human and Withstand within their ranks and that critically acclaimed debut is one that remains as relevant and stunning today as it did in 2017. Drawing in influences from bands such as Opeth, Amorphis

Throwback: “My Eyes Bleed” from The Final Sleep!

Ahead of next months release of “Vessels Of Grief” the sophomore album from The Final Sleep comes the 5th anniversary of their 2017 debut “I” and album that was very warmly received and ultimately let to the band, who feature in their ranks members of Arsis, Burning Human and Withstand being able to share stages

NEWS: The Final Sleep unveil teaser for “Vessels Of Grief”!

Just how long the upcoming new album “Vessels Of Grief” from Troy New Yorkers The Final Sleep has been in the works remains unknown but they did perform the first single from it “Screaming In Silence” at a Halloween show in 2018 when they when they supported Wolves In The Throne Room at the Upstate