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Bootleg: As I Lay Dying in Atlanta!

Hands up. We never thought in a million years that the original line up of As I Lay Dying would reform once Tim Lambesis was allowed out from behind bars. We figured at best, As I Lay Dying would be a new band fronted by Lambesis and fleshed out by some hired guns. But far

Bootleg: After The Burial in Atlanta!

A contender for our top five albums of 2019 has to be the brilliant “Evergreen” from After The Burial. Perhaps not a band we’d have expected to join As I Lay Dying on the Shaped By Fire Tour, here are “Lost In Static”, “In Flux”, “Exit, Exist” and the brilliant “Behold The Crown” filmed at

Review: “The Sea Of Tragic Beasts” by Fit For An Autopsy

Returning with their fifth studio album and the follow up to the simply stunning “The Great Collapse”, vocalist Joe Badolato, drummer Joesean Orta, bassist Peter Spinazola and guitarist trio Will Putney, Patrick Sheridan and Tim Howley have forged a Post-Deathcore sound from Hardcore roots. Having the legendary Will Putney in their ranks and at the

Bootleg: “Dead Rose” from Chelsea Grin!

Filmed in Tilburg Netherlands at Club 13, here’s Deathcore heavyweights Chelsea Grin performing “Dead Rose” while on tour with As I Lay Dying. You may not have put the pair together but variety is the spice of life and with former Lorna Shore vocalist Tom Barber at the helm and dropping more guest vocal appearances

Documentary: As I Lay Dying in Europe #3!

Having released their Russian tour diary alongside parts #1 & #2 of their European one a couple of weeks back, San Diego California Metalcore machine As I Lay Dying are back for round #3. Having ripped up the script with new album “Shaped By Fire” via Nuclear Blast a couple of weeks back, Nick Hipa

Interview: As I Lay Dying with Ola Englund!

Swedish Guitarist Ola Englund was joined by Nick Hipa from As I Lay Dying for coffee on his documentary series “Coffee with Ola” to talk all things Metalcore, surprisingly a genre that Ola has skillfully avoided until “Shaped By Fire”. As albums go it’s stunningly good example of the best the genre has to offer.

Interview: As I Lay Dying In Prague!

Metal Shop sat down with Tim Lambesis and Phil Sgrosso from San Diego California Metalcore band As I Lay Dying to talk about “Shaped By Fire” before their 4th October show in Prague Czech Republic. We shared with y’all some footage from that one along with a review of their return drop…

Review: “Guided” by Confessions of a Traitor

After a pair of EPs in 2014’s “Seasons” and 2016’s “Illuminate”, Londoners Confessions of a Traitor are well known on the UK Underground Metal Scene with a reputation for an impressive live show, something which we witnessed as they performed at the final farewell tour show from Carcer City which was on their stomping ground.

Bootlegs: As I Lay Dying in Prague!

Arguably the finest cut on an album of prime cuts from “Shaped By Fire” the new album from a resurgent As I Lay Dying, here’s “Gatekeeper”. The song was recorded at the bands European Tour stop at Karlin in Prague Czech Republic on 4th October. If you want to know our thoughts on the album,