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Review: “At the Center of It All – Chapter I” by Eternal Closure

Although technically no one from the original line up of Eternal Closure is in the band as it stands today, there remain roots which stretch back as fair as a decade for the Canadian six-piece, female-fronted metal band from Montreal Quebec. In 2014 the bands first EP “Ad Primum” saw guitarist and backing vocalist Olivier

NEWS: Eternal Closure prepare to travel to another dimension?

A step closer to their new album “At the Center of It All – Chapter I” with the turn of the month, Montreal six piece Eternal Closure have shared a third cut from it in “Dimensions Apart” in lyric video form. Curiously enough it’s the first time the band have used seven string guitars as

Playthrough: “Exiled” from Eternal Closure!

In one of those rare occurrences that happen from time to time Montreal, Québec based Eternal Closure have roots that go back more than a decade without having a single member of their original line up in the band currently, such has been the rate of their evolution. Preparing for the release of the first