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NEWS: A Hard Days Work for Atena!

A fifth single in “Hard Day” from ten cuts to make the grade of “Subway Anthem“, the 29th September Indie Recordings release from Norwegian Metalcore pioneers Atena has surfaced. Mixed and mastered by Swedish producer Henrik Udd (Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, Imminence), the raw energy and thought-provoking lyrics continue the bands long running trends as they

NEWS: Atena drink the poison… until they become immune?

After much teasing, Norwegian Metalcore act Atena have chosen “Poison Pure” as the fourth single from their upcoming new album “Subway Anthem”, due for release 29th September via Indie Recordings. The follow up to the critically acclaimed “Drowning Regret & Lungs Filled with Water” it is mixed and mastered by Swedish producer Henrik Udd (Bring Me The

NEWS: Throw The Fight fear the sands of time?

A second single from the 30th June arriving via Long Branch Records new album from Minneapolis Minnesota natives Throw The Fight has landed in “Hourglass“. It follows “Cover Your Tracks” from the seven track affair for seven deadly sins that also features a pair of remixes and is available for pre-order over at bandcamp. The

NEWS: Throw The Fight. Atena. Elwood Stray. May!

Starting at the end of April, Throw The Fight, Atena and Elwood Stray will join forces for a run of shows that will take them from Copenhagen Denmark to London England in fifteen steps, the last three of which will be upon our shores. By way of revision 2012 album “What Doesn’t Kill Us” remains

Playthrough: “Subway Anthem” by Atena!

Pushing boundaries in Norwegian Metalcore with out of the box inspirations Atena have long been close to what you might call modern genre pioneers. The band have shared a guitar playthrough video for their forth standalone single since their 2020 trilogy sealing album “Drowning Regret And Lungs Filled With Water” in “Subway Anthem“, which may

NEWS: Atena ride the Subway train to nowhere?

Following the completion of their album trilogy Norwegian Metalcore act Atena have been working their way through a collection of seemingly standalone single release. The latest of those is a melancholic new single titled “Subway Anthem” and is mixed and mastered by Swedish producer Henrik Udd (Static-X, Architects, Imminence). Although unusual, the city subway ended

NEWS: Atena rise again only to slip away?

The era of “Drowning Regret And Lungs Filled With Water” maybe over but Atena still have so much more to give. The Norwegian Metalcore crew have returned with a brand new single titled “Slip Away” joined at the hip to a music video directed by Eddie Berg. Curiously enough this one is also mixed and

NEWS: Flash! Thunder! The return of Atena!

After the critically acclaimed third installment of their trilogy of albums “Drowning Regret And Lungs Filled With Water” seemed that it could actually spell the end of Norwegian Metalcore crew Atena as with the help of guests from Ghost Iris, Slaughter To Prevail and Aviana they delivered something five years in the making. It seems