NEWS: Flash! Thunder! The return of Atena!

After the critically acclaimed third installment of their trilogy of albums “Drowning Regret And Lungs Filled With Water” seemed that it could actually spell the end of Norwegian Metalcore crew Atena as with the help of guests from Ghost Iris, Slaughter To Prevail and Aviana they delivered something five years in the making. It seems however that either we were wrong or they simply had a change of heart because we now have a new single called “Flash! Thunder” that plays on the bands hip-hop influences in combination with some meaty riffs…

The band comment on the single: “An energetic & motivating song great for work outs. Finding that inner spark when things are getting hard. We are big fans of electronic music, so being able to incorporate that to our sound gave us new spark as a band and helped shape the message of the song.”

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