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NEWS: Avatar get cruel and… unusual?

The final single of 2021 and fifth since 2020 album “Hunter Gatherer” dropped has appeared from Avatar titled “Cruel and Unusual” ahead of a headlining tour in the United Kingdom with Veil Of Maya in January. Each of those singles has come via the bands own imprint label Black Waltz Records as the band departed

NEWS: Avatar join the Christmas party!

Having added Veil Of Maya to their turn of the year European tour run Avatar have continued the post “Hunter Gatherer” era with another seemingly standalone single that sees them enter the festive spirit. The track is to be released together with a children’s book portraying the ‘not-very child-friendly everyday life’ in Santa’s workshop in

Documentary: Going Hunting with Avatar!

Johannes Eckerstorm and director Johan Carlen discuss the recently released Avatar single “Going Hunting“, an unexpected Halloween treat, in this behind the scenes mini documentary. The band will be back on the road in January with five shows upon our shores before they head out to the US to make up for dates missed on

NEWS: Avatar drop Halloween single with Russian doll vibes?

After their US tour was cut short for all the wrong reasons Swedish Melodic Death Metallers Avatar have premiered a brand new song in “So Sang The Hollow” just in time for Halloween with some creepy Russian doll vibes in the video. They’re keeping their tarot cards close to their chests about when this one

Bootleg: Avatar in Atlanta Georgia!

Fan filmed footage of Avatar from their 13th September, Buckhead Theatre, Atlanta Georgia stop during their run with Tallah and Sword has surfaced online, including “Going Hunting“, “A Secret Door” and “For The Swarm“.  The “Going Hunting” tour marks the first for current album “Hunter Gatherer” that will see the Swedish heavy metal band, formed

NEWS: Creature double feature from Avatar!

Always defying convention, Avatar have premiered not one but two new songs in a single day while they continue to sharpen up for their tour plans. The first one is “Going Hunting” which has been given the full red carpet music video treatment with Johen Carlen directing, while the second is “Barren Cloth Mother” which

NEWS: Avatar to kick start 2022!

After what seems like an eternal Winter, Avatar are finally going to be able to play some shows with audiences in January and have announced a wealth of European tour dates. The run will be the first for their current album “Hunter Gatherer” which is out now via Century Media, while support bands are also

Bootleg: “Pigf*****” from Avatar!

Returning to their self titled third studio album, the last record to feature guitarist Simon Andersson, Swedish Melodic Death Metallers Avatar played “Pigf*****” during the last of their pay per view live streamed shows this past weekend. A celebration of all things Avatar, the series has followed new record “Hunter Gatherer” released in August via

Bootleg: “Napalm” from Avatar!

… with just one more of their pay per view live streamed shows left, “Memories” on 30th January 2021, Swedish Avant-garde Metallers Avatar have given us “Napalm” cut from “Madness” which took place on 23rd January. The original version appears on their brilliant “Black Waltz” album, which Vesuvian chose for episode #63 of our Under

Bootleg: “Regret” & “House of Eternal Hunt” from Avatar!

Having given us “Wormhole” cut from the first of their pay per view live streamed full sets last week, Avatar have now chosen “Regret” and “House of Eternal Hunt” from their Illusions set with Madness and Memories nights still to go. After reuniting with producer Jay Ruston (Stone Sour, Slipknot, Anthrax) at Sphere Studios in