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NEWS: Averted have been cursed?

That seems like an unlikely tagline given that the Southampton and London based Averted chatted to us and had us review their record “Silenced” before they got picked up by WormHoleDeath Records – and we wish them all the best of luck with that. They’ve chosen “The Curse” from a record that paints stories of

Under The Influence #54: Averted on “Imperium Vorago” by Chimp Spanner!

When it comes to impressive multi instrumentalists, there aren’t many much more impressive than Paul Antonio Ortiz, otherwise known as Chimp Spanner. Using Ibanez 7 and 8 string guitars to create Progressive Metal with DJent infused ambient touches, he self released and financed debut “Imperium Vorago” back in 2005 before it’s later release through Underground

Exclusive Interview: Averted talk “Silenced”!

Usually when it comes to the crunch of an interview you might find yourselves as the interviewer asking the questions with one or two members of a band providing their insight on the material that they have crafted together. Having taken some time out of their busy schedule however we’ve been graced by the presence

NEWS: Averted get cursed with silence…

…with their debut EP “Silenced” out on 13th May, Southampton and London based Technical Metalcore act Averted are now streaming “The Curse“. The EP was recorded with producer Jack Stephens, known for his work with Bloodshot Dawn and Mask of Judas and has been two years in the works, a gem of a release we reviewed a few days ago…

Review: “Silenced” EP by Averted

As with many bands, a pair of friends getting together to work on music before realizing that they have something that is starting to sound like the real deal and wanting to then take what they have created, refine it and get others on board to create a fully fledged band is at the heart

The Black Map #105: Averted from Southampton (and London)!

The better part of two years in the making, Averted are preparing to release their debut EP “Silenced” on 13th May. In the beginning guitarist Jamie Stevens and drummer Merlin Parr got together in April 2018 to create Technical Metalcore sounds and it wasn’t long before they realised that they had created something that they

NEWS: Averted make the ultimate sacrifice?

Preparing to release their debut EP “Silenced” on 13th May, Southampton Progressive Metalcore collective Averted have shared a music video for single “Sacrifice“. Originally formed in April 2018 by guitarist Jamie Stephens and drummer Merlin Part, they’ve fleshed out the lineup to a quintet who take influence from Novelists and Veil Of Maya…