Under The Influence #54: Averted on “Imperium Vorago” by Chimp Spanner!

When it comes to impressive multi instrumentalists, there aren’t many much more impressive than Paul Antonio Ortiz, otherwise known as Chimp Spanner. Using Ibanez 7 and 8 string guitars to create Progressive Metal with DJent infused ambient touches, he self released and financed debut “Imperium Vorago” back in 2005 before it’s later release through Underground Metal label Basick Records five years later. The signing was a pivotal moment as with it came the first appearances of Chimp Spanner as a live band with Ortiz joined by, guitarist Jim Hughes, bassist Adam Swan (also of Monuments) and drummer Boris Le Gal. Ortiz himself had been a second guitarist in Monuments before the arrival of Olly Steele.

Averted Bassist Logan Adshead comments: “I think that I should start by saying that I don’t think that I’ve ever heard a more instrumentally perfect album than Chimp Spanner’s “Imperium Vorago”. This masterpiece of an album has had a huge impact on me musically, both in how I write and what I listen to. I first heard of Chimp Spanner 5 years ago, where I discovered a video of him doing a drum playthrough using a MIDI keyboard. I was amazed, to say the least and had to hear more. This is when I found this musical gem, “Imperium Vorago”, an album I can listen to over and over again. The superb time signature changes and delightful dynamic variation makes this timeless album an emotional roller- coaster that you won’t only get a kick out of once, but hundreds of times over. My favourite track on this album has to be the opening song, entitled “Clarity in Chaos”. The first 2 and a half minutes are nothing short of polyrhythmic, riffy madness and then when you least expect it, you are presented with a much quieter and slower section with a beautiful, melodic solo before diving straight back into more fast-paced, polyrhythmic craziness. All of the songs on this album, while using a similar formula, are very unique which only adds to the elegance and replayability of this album. I still can’t get enough of these tracks, even 5 years after first hearing it” 

“Silenced” by Averted is out now.

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