Under The Influence #35: Krvsade on “The Sound Of Perseverance” by Death!

Chuck Schuldiner founded Orlando Florida Death Metal band Death in 1983 and was their vocalist, guitarist and occasionally bassist until his tragic death in 2001. The band were a revolving door of musicians including Obituary guitarist James Murphy and Strapping Young Lad, Testament and Fear Factory drummer Gene Hoglan at various points in time. “The Sound Of Perseverance” was the seventh and final album from Death released in 1998 via Nuclear Blast. “Spirit Crusher” was the albums lead single, capturing the song live in Eindhoven Netherlands which was later released as a full show DVD in 2001. Critically acclaimed, it’s an album described as Death’s finest hour with technical solos, memorable choruses and high grade Death Metal riffs in the mix.

Krvsade comment: “This album changed my little 14-year-old brain. Up until that point, I didn’t even know Metal could be that diverse in style. Everything from the music to the vocals absolutely blew my mind. It really showed me that an artist could do what they want when changing their style while still keeping true to themselves. I know for some that album is decisive as to being a true Death album or not but to me it is. Listening to Death’s whole discography it is a beautiful evolution. From young and raw music that sounds like the guitars were plugged straight into the depths of hell to becoming this mature and beautifully crafted music that takes you on a journey. Another aspect of it was the lyrics. Now Metal to me is a genre that always has pretty good lyrics for the most part. Death was one of the first bands that helped me realize Metal lyrics doesn’t always have to be cryptic to be good. A lot of bands will use metaphors or fantastical lyrics to talk about real things. Chuck Schuldiner would be open about what he means in the song and in that way makes it easier to relate to from the start. From titles such as “Flesh and the Power It Holds” to “To Forgive is to Suffer”, he talks about real things that anyone, Metalhead or not could relate to. The final song (not including the cover of “Painkiller” by Judas Priest) “A Moment of Clarity” is a beautiful send off to the Death name. It ends so beautifully in a melodic fade that to me means the band may physically be over but it lives on forever in the music and the minds/hearts of millions of Metalheads“.

Judgement Day” by Krvsade is out now

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