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NEWS: Beartooth do it for the hell of it!

Having announced a new album in “Below” for 25th June and a European tour trek with Motionless In White and Stray From The Path for February 2022, you might have thought that everything would go quiet for a short while on the Beartooth front. But they have something else in mind and after “Devastation” and

NEWS: Beartooth return to “Devastation”!

Having used “Devastation” in audio form to announce their upcoming 25th June album “Below” a couple of weeks back, Beartooth have returned to it with a full video in the campaign trail. EMP were selling an exclusive pre-order Red with Black Splatter vinyl pressing of the record which looks so good that a petition could

Documentary: BTS of “The Past Is Dead” with Beartooth!

After a week that has seen Beartooth unveil a new single in “The Past Is Dead“, announce a new album in “Below” for 25th June 2021 and a February 2022 European tour trek with Motionless in White and Stray From The Path, the band have come full circle and returned to the music video for

NEWS: Beartooth announce road trip to Europe in February 2022!

Following a pair of singles and the announcement of a new album, a European tour trek was always going to be next on the cards for Beartooth. The interesting thing is who they’re taking out on the run with the Diseased & Disguised Tour from two years ago resurrected and Motionless In White being main

NEWS: Beartooth choose “Devastation” for new single!

There was a chance that we might not have heard anymore from Beartooth when Attack Attack! announced their return from the wilderness but thankfully Caleb Shomo had no plans to get back into bed with his old band mates and instead has fired off some new hardcore punk in the form of “Devastation“, the first

Playthrough: “Body Bag” from Beartooth!

Recorded in Atlanta Georgia, here’s dedicated drum cam footage of Beartooth sticksman Connor Dennis performing “Body Bag“. So Attack Attack reformed and Caleb Shomo isn’t a part of it. Phew. He’s got his own thing going on, 8 years have gone by and having continued to suffer from clinical depression while in the band, it

Interview: Beartooth Disc Dive!

But not just a Beartooth Disc Dive. This freshly released interview sees Demon Hunter manager Ryan Downey talk to his friend and Beartooth frontman Caleb Shomo about his entire portfolio to date including his time in Attack Attack, while getting into how he got into the production side as well. It is also filmed in

Bootleg: “Disease” from Beartooth!

Once again back at London’s iconic Roundhouse, Beartooth have continued their re-live at home series with the title track of their third studio record “Disease“. Frontman Caleb Shomo has focused on the band in recent years, despite proving his worth as records by Sylar, Tear Out The Heart and Bury Tomorrow in the production, mixing

Bootleg: “The Lines” from Beartooth!

The next installment of the “Re-Live at Home” series from Beartooth sees the band performing “The Lines” at the iconic London Roundhouse. The series has already delivered “Sick Of Me” and “Manipulation” from the bands European tour trek in support of current album “Disease”, with more said to be on the way…