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Interview: Lutharö talk “Chasing Euphoria” with Belgian Jasper!

Another highly quality interview from Belgian Jasper finds Lutharö vocalist Krista Shipperbottom in the hot seat to discuss everything from their upcoming seven week tour with Raven to beer collaborations and orchestral magic. The Canadians are preparing for the release of their new album “Chasing Euphoria” via Atomic Fire Records on 15th March and if

Interview: Job For A Cowboy talk “Moon Healer” with Belgian Jasper!

The FBI interrogation spotlight shines into the eyes of Job For A Cowboy bassist Nick Schendzielos as Belgian Jasper grills him like a kipper in this latest interview. New album “Moon Healer“, bass tones, Mudvayne, distortion and dynamics are all topics of conversation. Produced by Jason Suecof (Death Angel, Bury Your Dead, The Black Dahlia

Interview: Borknagar talk “Fall” with Belgian Jasper!

Mixed by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios (Opeth, Amon Amarth, Kreator) and conjoined to stunning artwork by Eliran Kantor (Testament, My Dying Bride, Sodom), the 12th studio album from Norwegian pioneers of Avant-garde Progressive Black Metal Borknagar is just hours away. So with that in mind, Belgian Jasper sat down with guitarist Øystein G.

Interview: Infected Rain talk “Time” with Belgian Jasper!

Fresh from the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise Infected Rain frontwoman Lena Scissorhands took some time out of her schedule to talk to Belgian Jasper about the bands very soon to be released album “Time“. A sixth in all for the band, it’s the first for new bassist Alice Lane and will soon be followed by

Interview: Necrowretch talk “Swords of Dajjal” with Belgian Jasper!

As the final countdown to the arrival of “Swords of Dajjal” from merciless French Blackened Death Metal collective Necrowretch begins the band have pushed mastermind Vlad into speaking to Belgian Jasper about their world. Naturally they discuss the new album but also lessons learned over their five album arc as well as writing the soundtrack

Interview: Vitriol talk “Suffer & Become” with Belgian Jasper!

Produced by mastermind Kyle Rasmussen and mixed by Dave Otero (Archspire, Cattle Decapitation) the second album “Suffer & Become” from Portland Oregon’s Vitriol to be released by Century Media is fast becoming the talk of the town. As dense, dark, blackened and cathartic as its critically acclaimed predecessor “To Bathe From The Throat Of Cowardice“,

Interview: Cariosus talk “Will, Until Beauty” with Belgian Jasper!

Littered with psychological and philosophical themes the debut full length from Chicago Illinois Extreme Metal duo Cariosus is one for the deep thinkers once the neck snapping is over. Alex Pfister took some time out of his busy schedule to speak to Belgian Jasper about “Will, Until Beauty” in all its glory from Deathcore breakdowns

Interview: Toxic Holocaust talk 25th Anniversary with Belgian Jasper!

It might seem hard to believe but the 25th Anniversary of Toxic Holocaust is upon us! Mastermind Joel Grind spoke exclusively to Belgian Jasper about the bands monumental plans for 2024 along with the re-issue For “Tomorrow Never Dies” in this exclusive interview with the Blackened Thrash warrior. Also on the tarot cards are his

Interview: Hyperia talk “The Serpent’s Circle” with Belgian Jasper!

A couple of days before their new album “The Serpent’s Circle” surfaces, Colin and Marlee Ryley from Canadian Melodic Thrash quintet Hyperia face the integration skills of Belgian Jasper. He grills them about not only the record but Calgary, Mozart and their cover of “Crazy On You” by Heart but curiously enough not about Marlee’s