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NEWS: L’Homme Absurde dance with the deranged once more!

Moscow Post-Black Metal operatives L’Homme Absurde have shared cover artwork and a music video for the title track of a new album which is currently in the works. They’re not sure when it’s going to be ready for our listening pleasure but this Alfred Hitchcock psychological darkness for “Stranger” makes for curious viewing. In the

NEWS: L’Homme Absurde step into the cold light?

It maybe Christmas Day but that hasn’t stopped Russian Post-Black Metal operatives L’Homme Absurde unveiling a music video for a cut titled “Cold Light“. The song represents the bands first new material since their 2020 album ” Belong” and follows a live album released in the same year. Expect this one to be as bleak as

Bootleg: L’Homme Absurde in St. Petersburg!

Filmed at MOD in St. Petersburg Russia on 21st May, this full set from Post-Black Metal quintet L’Homme Absurde sees the band playing their January 2021 album “Belong” in full. That record is the third from the bands who started down the left hand path as the solo project of Alexey Slavin and had their

NEWS: L’Homme Absurde pay tribute to The Cure!

It is often said that we as human beings are formed of our genes and our influences and with that in his mind, Alexey Slavin who originally started L’Homme Absurde as a solo project, has picked “Siamese Twins” by The Cure to pay homage to one of his. The track sees the Russian Post Metal

Bootleg: “Black Hole” from L’Homme Absurde!

A Post-Black Metal band that originally started out as a one man project in 2015, L’Homme Absurde released their third album “Belong“ back in January 2020 and we were lucky enough to get the chance to hear it before the release date. They’ve shared “Black Hole” from a live show in Moscow, Russia on 1st February.

Review: “Belong” by L’Homme Absurde

A Post-Black Metal band that originally started out as a one man project in 2015, L’Homme Absurde are now a fully fledged 5 piece as they approach the release of their third album “Belong“. The Russian residents now comprise vocalist Alexey Slavin, guitarist duo Alexandr Safronov and Roman Savenkov alongside a rhythm section of bassist Pavel Gorshkov and

Bootleg: “Belong” from L’Homme Absurde!

Filmed in St. Petersburg Russia on 21st December, here’s “Belong” from L’Homme Absurde, originally a one man project and now a fully fledged Post-Black Metal act from Moscow. The song is the title track from the upcoming third album and follow up to 2016’s “Monsters” and 2018’s “Sleepless“.  

NEWS: L’Homme Absurde want to “Belong”!

L’Homme Absurde is ready to present their third full length album “Belong” which continues band’s artistic journey towards more emotional side of the Post Black Metal genre and will be self-released on 17th January 2020. Starting life as a solo project in 2015, L’Homme Absurde has become one of the best known post black metal