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Bootleg: “Taken by the Devil” from Black Rabbit!

Celebrating the first anniversary of their latest single “Taken by the Devil“, Thrash infused Death Metallers Black Rabbit have shared a live session for the cut that once again showcases the talents of their new and on the single vocalist Nino Thomas and bassist Martin Jaramillo, not to mention the axis of evil that are

NEWS: Black Rabbit get “Taken by the Devil”!

It’s been a tough year all around in 2020 and having dropped their debut EP “Warren of Necrosis” in January, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands quintet Black Rabbit could be forgiven for thinking that they would have the opportunity to get some extensive touring in. Instead, the band who revolve around the axis of guitarists Jelle Brekelmans

Review: “Warren Of Necrosis” EP by Black Rabbit

A lack of metal bands in Apeldoorn Netherlands saw guitar playing duo Jelle Bekelmans and Hidde Holfland join forces to create their own music. Inspired by the likes of Megadeth, Obituary and Death to name but a few, they formulated their own thrashing death metal sound; fast-paced and groove laden. They are joined by Max Hendrix