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Review: “Diabolica Blasphemiae” by Demoncy

One of the oldest Black Metal outfits in the history of the genre in the US, the thirty four long year reign of terror that Demoncy began in 1989 has continued in eerie silence over the eleven years since their last confession in 2012’s “Enthroned Is the Night”. How long they have been working in

Review: “Black Star Gnosis” by Demoncy

It has been eleven years since “Enthroned Is the Night” the last confession of Demoncy but one should never mistake silence for weakness as multi instrumentalist, founder and mastermind Ixithra has been plotting their return to the throne ever since. He is joined by guitarist and drummer VJS (Adaestuo, Nightbringer, Sargeist) who recorded and mixed

NEWS: Demoncy get cursed by the cosmos?

Demoncy, one of the oldest Black Metal bands in US history have been defrosted after eleven years in stasis with a new album titled “Black Star Gnosis” set for a 1st December release via Dark Descent Records. Intriguingly the new record has been described as being sonically akin to the bands sophomore album, 1999’s “Joined

NEWS: Demoncy warn of Black Star Gnosis!

Trapped in stasis for eleven long years, one of the eldest Black Metal act known to have emerged from the US scene has been allowed to thaw for a triumphant return. Formed in 1989, Demoncy last darkened our horizons with the exquisite “Enthroned Is the Night” and led by illustrious founder Ixithra will unveil their