NEWS: Demoncy warn of Black Star Gnosis!

Trapped in stasis for eleven long years, one of the eldest Black Metal act known to have emerged from the US scene has been allowed to thaw for a triumphant return. Formed in 1989, Demoncy last darkened our horizons with the exquisite “Enthroned Is the Night” and led by illustrious founder Ixithra will unveil their fifth album “Black Star Gnosis” on 1st December via Dark Descent Records.

While “Ipsissimus of Shadows” is now streaming as the virgin sacrifice of the album, intriguingly the inspiration for the record seems to have come from the bands dim and distant past. Sonically akin to 1999’s sophomore album “Joined in Darkness” with primitive reverb laden production, pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.

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