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Interview: Converge talk “Bloodmoon” with Heavy New York!

The ambitious undertaking that is “Bloodmoon: 1” is the subject of an interview between Converge vocalist Jacob Bannon and Heavy New York, a collaboration with Chelsea Wolfe that has seen them return to some experimental live shows which took place in 2016 and saw them play some of the slower and lesser heard cuts from

NEWS: Converge return to Bloodmoon with “Coil”!

Another sacrificial offering from the upcoming 19th November via Epitaph Records releasing collaborative album between Converge and Stephen Brodsky of Cave In and Chelsea Wolfe and Ben Chisholm of Chelsea Wolfe has surfaced in “Coil“. For those not in the know, the album itself is the continuation of a narrative started back into 2016 when joined

NEWS: Converge bark at the moon?

Rekindling the fire that they created when they collaborated at Roadburn Festival in 2016, Converge have set a date of 19th November for the release of an album that sees them joined by Stephen Brodsky of Cave In and Mutoid Man fame as well as Chelsea Wolfe and her bandmate Ben Chisholm. The seven piece