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NEWS: Deathsquad out to “Kill Love”!

Kazan, Russian Beatdown Downtemp Deathcore crew Deathsquad may have released a 3 track single by the name of “Disaster” which includes a ripper of a cover of “Tear It Down” by Hatebreed not that long ago, but for the second time in recent weeks they’ve returned to their 2018 full length “Stay One” for a

NEWS: Siberian Meat Grinder “Immolate Them All”!

Siberian Meat Grinder maybe making us wait until 2020 for their next album but at least they’re giving us a taste with “Immolate Them All”! The band, who were one of the highlights of last year’s Perseverance Tour, have Tony Lindgren (Exhorder, Bloody Hammers) to thank for the mix.