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Review: “Firecry” by Category VI

It has been six long years after their last album “War Is Hell” was released in 2017 and with the arrival of and album from guitarist Geoff Waye’s side project Triskelyon titled “Downfall” in October, there was at one point the question of whether or not Newfoundland Canadians Category IV would return. However for the band

NEWS: Category VI offer second single “Valkyries”!

From the initial spark of the title track “Firecry” to the smouldering “Barracuda” by Heart, Canadian quartet Category VI promise a record of 80s style Traditional Heavy Metal with their next album due out 24th March via Moribund Records. To evidence that the band have shared a second single and music video for “Valkyries“, lyrically

Playthrough: “Apex Predator” from Triskelyon!

Before he mothballs his Melodic Thrash Metal project Triskelyon to return to his main squeeze Category IV as they release new album “Firecry” on 24th March via Moribund Records, guitarist extraordinare Geoff Waye has shared a playthrough video for “Apex Predator“. A cut which takes pride of place on debut album “Downfall“, it features guest

NEWS: Category IV return with “Firecry”!

It may seem hard to believe but it has been six long years since Canadian female fronted Traditional Metal quartet Category IV released their sophomore record in 2017’s “War Is Hell“. The wait for new material has been partially due to the success of guitarist Geoff Waye’s side project Triskelyon but 24th March via Moribund

Review: “Downfall” by Triskelyon

Triskelyon is the brainchild of guitarist Geoff Waye, a man with Thrash Metal in his heart and known for his work in Artach and Category VI. In the project he’s joined by Raul Marques of  Burning Torment fame who handles drum programming while a myriad of guests fill in the gaps in the jigsaw puzzle,

NEWS: Triskelyon dance with the devil in “Balance Of Terror”!

Featuring a guest vocal appearance from Amanda Jackson of Category IV fame, Canadian Melodic Thrash bounty hunters Triskelyon have shared another cut in “Balance Of Terror” from their 28th October releasing debut album “Downfall“. Depicting a nature taking over post-apocalyptic view on our ever screwed up world, Triskelyon keep with 80’s Thrash tradition employing world-ending

NEWS: Triskelyon announce debut album “Downfall”!

Having released a well received debut EP in January, Canadian Melodic Power Thrashers Triskelyon have announced the release a debut album “Downfall” will take place on 28th October via Washington state-based Extreme Metal label Moribund Records. Primarily the work of guitarist Geoff Waye (Artach, Category VI), the band was conceived as a studio project with contributions

NEWS: Triskelyon seek the blacksmith?

The Canadian Thrash scene continues to bring us a wealth of new bands with Triskelyon releasing their self titled debut EP a couple of weeks ago. The brain child of Artach and Category VI guitarist Geoff Wade and  conceived as a studio-only project, the band features the contributions of vocalists Pete Healey and Marlee Ryley

Review: “Self Titled” by Triskelyon

As a creative person and a musician, you may find yourself writing music that doesn’t necessarily fit the work of your main squeeze. Maybe because it’s inspired by something more left field or not in concept or keeping with the style that you’re known for but you don’t want those songs to sit on the

NEWS: Stomachs rumble for Triskelyon with “Hunger”!

Featuring the contributions of vocalists Pete Healey and Marlee Ryley (Hyperia), along with drum programming by Raul Marques (Burning Torment), Canadian Melodic Thrash act Triskelyon, in essence the solo project of Artach and Category VI guitarist Geoff Wade have premiered a music video for “Hunger” from their new self titled EP. A studio project for