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NEWS: Devilskin start their next chapter with Heart!

There seems to be an outpouring of love for Heart in recent times with Canadians Category VI and now New Zealand’s Devilskin both covering “Barracuda” and doing a modern take on the 1977 classic. Accompanied by a music video from Trajan Schwencke of Black Collar Creative and with artwork by Barny Bewick of Indium Design,

NEWS: Triskelyon return to the battlefield!

Featuring vocals from Cara McCutchen (Mortillery, Naitaka) single “At War With Demons” is the latest to be sacrificed from Canadian Power Thrash Metal overlords Triskelyon sophomore album “Artificial Insanity”. Mixed and mastered by Michael Small (Winterhearth, Triskelyon, Artach) you can hear the record in full on 8th September courtesy of Moribund Records. Led by mastermind Geoff

NEWS: Triskelyon fear technological development?

A guest vocal appearance from Armin Kamal of Infrared fame Canadian new Power Thrash Metal gods Triskelyon have offered up “TekTyranny” from their sophomore album “Artificial Insanity”. We say “their” but… The project is the brainchild of Category IV guitarist Geoff Waye who has recruited an all star cast of guests from the Canadian metal

NEWS: Triskelyon ask if there is still hope…

By enlisting members of Category VI, Infrared, Mortillery, Naitaka, Sea Dogs, Dark Order-Aus., Tymo, Burning Torment and Antreib, guitarist and Mastermind Geoff Waye has ensured that the second album “Artificial Insanity” from his project Triskelyon remains fresh and interesting as he brings a blend of  melodic Thrash Metal with hints of Power and Melodic Black Metal

NEWS: Triskelyon go to War with demons!

Cara McCutchen (Mortillery, Naitaka) is just one of a myriad of guests to make an appearance on the upcoming sophomore album “Artificial Insanity” by Triskelyon. Canadian Power Thrash Metal project is the solo project of Category IV guitarist Geoff Waye but has a full band feel thanks to regular co-conspiritors. Mixed and mastered by Michael

NEWS: Triskelyon lose their minds?

A sophomore album “Artificial Insanity” from Canadian Power Thrash Metal project  Triskelyon mixed and mastered by Michael Small (Winterhearth, Triskelyon, Artach) has been announced by Moribund Records for 8th September. Featuring 10 new original cuts with a myriad of guests as well as a cover of “It Doesn’t Really Matter” by Platinum Blonde, the first

Interview: Category VI talk “Firecry” with Heavy New York!

10 years after the release of their debut album “Fireborn“, Canadian Traditional Metal quartet Category VI have let vocalist Amanda Jackman sit down with Heavy New York to discuss not only that but new album “Firecry” and how the pain and trauma have impacted her lyrics. If you’ve not had the pleasure of the new

NEWS: Category VI lead us to the coven…

Celebrating the release of their new album “Firecry” via Moribund Records this weekend, Newfoundland Canadian Traditional Heavy Metal masters Category VI have shared a music video for one of its finer points in “Coven“. Blending elements of Thrash and Power Metal into it the band follow up 2017’s “War is Hell” in the finest possible

Review: “Firecry” by Category VI

It has been six long years after their last album “War Is Hell” was released in 2017 and with the arrival of and album from guitarist Geoff Waye’s side project Triskelyon titled “Downfall” in October, there was at one point the question of whether or not Newfoundland Canadians Category IV would return. However for the band

NEWS: Category VI offer second single “Valkyries”!

From the initial spark of the title track “Firecry” to the smouldering “Barracuda” by Heart, Canadian quartet Category VI promise a record of 80s style Traditional Heavy Metal with their next album due out 24th March via Moribund Records. To evidence that the band have shared a second single and music video for “Valkyries“, lyrically