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Review: “Chrysalis” by Ekoa

Formed of a quartet of international musicians, Kraków Poland based Progressive Death Metal outfit Ekoa began their ascention to Metal enlightenment in when they formed in 2020, blending with it elements of Metalcore and Groove Metal to formulate their own unique flavour. Aurélien Thomas (bass, vocals), Sergio Barbero (drums), Paweł Staszewski (lead guitar) and Kamil

NEWS: Alogon return with “The Purest Form Of Kindness”!

After almost a year of radio silence, purveyors of Progressive Metal from Genova Italy, Alogon have shared new single “The Purest Form Of Kindness“. It’s only the second single since their 2019 debut album “Chrysalis“, the first seeing them joined by Ashe O’Hara (ex-TesseracT, Voices From The Fuselage) for “Porcelain“. All we need now is

NEWS: Stellar Void announce debut EP “Chrysalis”!

Exploring the opportunities that emerge when an operatic female voice is used against a backdrop of abundant raging Black Metal blast beats and pompous Symphonic arrangements, Stellar Void are a brand new Extreme Symphonic Metal project created by members of Russian Gothic Metal act Inner Missing. They will make their debut with EP “Chrysalis” on 26th

NEWS: Alogon joined by Ashe O’Hara for “Porcelain”!

Italian Progressive Metallers Alogon have been joined by one of their heroes in Ashe O’Hara (ex-TesseracT, Voices From The Fuselage) for their latest single offering “Porcelain“, recorded at Blackwave Studio with Fabio Palombi, a place they have frequented for playthrough video sessions of late. The band cited TesseracT alongside Devin Townsend and Monuments as an influence

Playthrough: “Omen I: Deconstruction” from Alogon!

Italian Progressive Metallers Alogon have let guitarist Damiano Logozzo out of the basement and into Blackwave Studio to record a playthrough for “Omen I: Destruction” with Fabio Palombi behind the camera. The track is one of the stand outs on the bands 2019 album “Chrysalis” and comes just a couple of weeks after a playthrough

Playthrough: “Omen II: Resonance” from Alogon!

Alogon have allowed bassist Jack Repetti in from the cold an into Blackwave Studio to record a playthrough video for “Omen II: Resonance” from their 2019 album “Chrysalis“. That was done with the help of Fabio Palombi as the Genova Italy Progressive Metal quartet continue to be regulars on our playlist after we reviewed their

NEWS: Alogon remix “Omen”!

…Idle hands are the devils workshop, isn’t that what they say? With a little bit of free time, Alogon have remixed “Omen” from their album “Chrysalis“, with the new track Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Federico Maraucci and with artwork by Henriqueaz. Why not? Beats drinking Whiskey and playing cards? No? Oh…

Review: “Chrysalis” by Alogon

The Koine Greek word ἄλογον (álogon, meaning inexplicable, irrational), is where Genova, Italian Progressive Metallers Andrea Olivieri (Vocals), Jack Repetti (Bass & Synthesizer), Damiano Logozzo (Guitar) and Francesco Schenone (Drums) found the name for their band. Citing influences in the likes of TesseracT, Devin Townsend and Monuments, the quartet have been writing music together since 2016, releasing