NEWS: Stellar Void announce debut EP “Chrysalis”!

Exploring the opportunities that emerge when an operatic female voice is used against a backdrop of abundant raging Black Metal blast beats and pompous Symphonic arrangements, Stellar Void are a brand new Extreme Symphonic Metal project created by members of Russian Gothic Metal act Inner Missing. They will make their debut with EP “Chrysalis” on 26th November via Inverse Records and have premiered the first single “Shifting Sands” as pre-orders have opened over at bandcamp.

Vocalist and guitarist Sigmund comments: “One of the things that I find truly amazing about music is that music always defies time. Shifting Sands is actually not a new song – it was written more than ten years ago, and it seems that it was waiting for the right time to emerge, and now this time, the time of total disillusionment and despondency, has come”

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