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NEWS: To Obey A Tyrant howl under the “Vermillion Moon”!

While there is no exact date on it as yet, 2022 is going to see the debut full-length album from brutal Slamming Blackened Deathcore outfit To Obey A Tyrant surface. What could be a third single from “Omnimalevolent” has reared its ugly head titled “Vermillion Moon” complete with orchestrations from Bruno Clay, with “Herald Ov

NEWS: To Obey A Tyrant partake in the “Blood Ritual”!

Not getting their fill of sun, sea, sex and sand in the summer of discontent, Bournemouth Slamming Deathcore collective To Obey A Tyrant have previewed their upcoming record “Omnimalevolent” with a new piece of fire in the form of “Blood Ritual“. The record was always set for a 2021 drop, the question is exactly when

The Black Map #113: To Obey A Tyrant from Bournemouth!

Bournemouth is one of those places that has everything you could possibly want in life. Sun, Sea, Sand and Metal. In the Anvil Rockbar, they have a live venue that has a reputation for putting on some seriously good underground bands and that is exactly what the World needs. Get that Jackie DeShannon “What the

NEWS: To Obey A Tyrant return to the chaos!

It’s been… 11 months since Bournemouth Slamming Deathcore quartet To Obey A Tyrant dropped their debut EP “Conjuring Damnation” upon our unspecting skulls so it must be time for a new track? Known for not only blending Slam with Deathcore but also taking elements of Black Metal and Death Metal to create a sound akin