The Black Map #113: To Obey A Tyrant from Bournemouth!

Bournemouth is one of those places that has everything you could possibly want in life. Sun, Sea, Sand and Metal. In the Anvil Rockbar, they have a live venue that has a reputation for putting on some seriously good underground bands and that is exactly what the World needs. Get that Jackie DeShannon “What the World Needs now is Love” nonsense thrown out of the window. What we need is a cold beer and some decent riffs to headbang to – and on that note, To Obey The Tyrant are providing the later. Their debut EP “Conjuring Damnation” dropped in the summer of 2019 and sees the Deathcore quartet – vocalist Brandon Singleton, drummer Bruno Clay and guitarist duo Aaron Moore and Josh Rushton tearing it up, thanks in part to recorded by Adam Cox at ACO Studios. Since then, they’ve shared stages with Harbinger, A Night In Texas, Venom Prison and Party Cannon but the career highlight has to be a show with the mighty Fit For An Autopsy! Fast forward to 2020 and May brought brutal single “Herald Ov Chaos“, Mixed and Mastered by Keir Campbell (Bound In Fear, Detest). The future is looking dark.

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